Many are wondering why their desire for righteousness

is not satisfied according to My Promise. But that Promise

was on condition that there should be hunger and thirst. If the

Truths I have given have not been absorbed, there can be no

real hunger for more.

So, when you miss the Joy-Light on your path, when the vision

seems lost,

the Voice silent,

ask yourself, have

you failed to live out

the lessons we were taught?

Live out My teaching in your lives, and then,

hunger for more, come to Me, The Bread of Life,

Food of your souls.

were as re-posting is not too genuine; it helps me spread essays that have helped me in a pronounced way. each of us, in-spite of all the unwholesome actions, whether it’s spoken or acted; we are all forgiven providing our repentance’s are felt and verbalized OF His gracious forgiveness. we may forbear our manifold actions. and CAN show our robes as white as driven snow. we should place a greeting on our souls front door, yes, us. learning the depth of forgiveness is no license to continue disregard Him in every thought, word, and deed; no… it’s our trust in Him that boosts our good-minded intent to see the light: shown through our activity.

bless you all.

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