yes, he DID get stuff done; but in that very activity HE DID brake the law;
allot like we, well… at least me. are so capricious with God’s Law.


ya know, people whine a out OUR PRESIDENT, jealousy’s a bitch.

God help us if some yahoo’s placed in Trump’s seat, only God knows what the future. heard today’s gossip in Charlotte: “they’ll br a huge exodus from the United States if Trump loses.”

what’ll occur to this nation IF some wimpy guy, who does not know shit

check from all: us taxpayers, the less significant party hope to interrupt a businessmaster’s method of getting stuff done withOUT his commonsense notions; all except their own greed, and ambition concerned strictly their own selves. OUIR NATION is no democracy at the moment, it isn’t even a republic
when asked by a man: what sort government that the constitutional convention had formulated for the new nation, Benjamin Franklin did memorably reply: “A republic, if you can keep it”

about howto get things done… all the guppies who slid into a sweet pay

hoping to not live in a nation where the party forgets Veterans, Social Security (justice), the rule of law. go trump; U.S.’ll be very sorry he doesn’t win.

to connect with my best friend,
Suzanne, her sister, Sheri were
so good to David. May they do
request HimP: join us, the near

Published by believer - DEMONCRAPS We, as American citizens were told and expected that; almost commanded to FIGHT, DESTROY, all, NOT some but all enemies, foreign and DomestiC. George did have a European sense of humor, did he not, si',online_chips:0kpjp2w6i9y,online_chips:lord,online_chips:davejbuc3,online_chips:shall&usg=AI4_-kQDFU-i2XO2YXleSjzMVoOGpOlgoQ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjClcDPmsjmAhUCn-AKHQ_VDxkQ4lYIMigE&biw=1718&bih=944&dpr=1

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