this was/is my vimeo

not intentionally sounding mysterious or aloof or vain.
am nothing like that was not then (1989-1992) even.
am on a mission, questions that were posed are here
having been answered: life – a gift; life is a love, life is
still, thank God. am secure, and headed in directions
thought of years earlier, for most of my dreaming has
found the light of day. not selling anything, never will
music is sound, sound is free, we are free: do as we
wish. nothing stands in our way. if, stumbling blocks
arrive, trust that it is in the plan. we’re committed to
where we want to go in life……. see you there!

that being written it takes us back a couple of years…

not too certain, but was a while ago. these comments hold as true today [February 13, 2020 2:00PM] dates for us, times are important. recently it was perplexing SOME webmaster’s seem to require, for themselves at least, a costume they were; virtual like, disguise and or a fictitious look once again: virtual where a god complex

takes root not quite sure what motivates such behavior: said action is attempting, and again, virtually, to warp an instant, or a period of time. BY: announcing to everybody and their dog what times it is, even dates, fall victim in an effort to seem directing time, or placing a few minutes for an added buffer… to their own schedules, as to allow allot

of extra time. maybe a test, or race, or something. don’t, in this imagination, understand why. but it is up to them in the world THEY live in. see, and consider exactly when/how/why any prose is created is for us the mark of, not only in our lives, but each of yours too. history (a favorite subject) seems to me, to fit together neatly. opinions rule in this instance; this is not a

very exact thought (let me get my head strait, wouldn’t dream of causing any misconception) but a malleable notion posed only to
inspire consideration. to encourage memory scanning in original idea formulation. we say memory scanning in loose terms, due to fact no two minds work alike. our selves are formed in those early years; when the brain is more elastic and soluble. the great efforts

that are manipulated by the powers that be to in affect, raise US as the puzzle pieces that, if each created in similar fashion, fit together neatly. as to conform to the rest of the peer-body. and in doing so the creation of dull unenthusiastic followers that don’t question authority. we get opinions from the status quo, and those marks of the valences, the truly unique person needs to bend the will, to become parts of them.

now whether or not the ‘them‘ is good or bad falls back at those opinions of what is or isn’t right. to what exactly, the correct version of whatever of

case in point: this was written long before it being posted today. WT?

Published by David Buckle

Be strong, as able, So, we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18 if we're lacking, you know where to turn, limitless grace; know there is enough of Him to cover my own faults, i pray thee.and asked how she got all together so fast, a hush in the room was broken: she told her Father that it was sim A little girl wanted to; know, O0 what the United States looked like. Her Dad tore a map of the USA from a magazine and then cut it into many pieces, lumped them all together, in a pile and handed the pile o’ paper over onto his daughters placemat, told her to take those pieces into the other room, put them back together; bring the final product back together when it was finished; she went to her room took a little while and came back in a quicker than expected amount of time, and it was spot on correct. The Dad was too in astonished ple, in her method. On the backside of that map was the image of Jesus; she said she began connecting pieces together of Him, see, and by doing that, the big map of the USA on the other side did come back together on the opposite side; this makes us wonder: is that that simple to reconnect this USA THEY'RE EVERYWHERE THOSE LACK FAITH

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