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  1. a very blessed event, we meeting yesterday
    and am very pleased to meet Andy
    whilst he was open-air preaching

    am nobody really, am a shell of a
    talent, by that we’re recommended
    to sit down for a coffee, or meal
    to really get to know one another
    when if you do spare an afternoon.

    Our Lord as my witness, this is a
    destined meeting; look: ‘ thing,’
    that i try to see each day:


    My words are Life. Think then,
    hear Me speak is to find Life, healing and strength.
    Trust Me in all things. Love showered on
    all brings truly a quick return.

    Just carry out My wishes and leave
    Me to carry out yours. Treat Me as
    Savior and King, but also with the
    tender intimacy of One much beloved.

    Keep to the rules I have laid down
    for you, persistently, persevering,
    lovingly, patiently, hopefully, and
    in faith, and every mountain of dif-
    ficulty shall be laid low, those
    rough places of poverty shall be
    made smooth, and all who know you
    shall know that I, your Lord, am
    the Lord.

    Shower love.

    “The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth.” – Psalm 34:17

    get in touch with me to say when is a good time for you.

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    1. Our Head Brewmaster, Dr. Jarle Lillemoen,
      IS the former Head Distiller at Bone Spirits
      Distillary and HIS University of Texas Ph.D.
      Biochemist – 25 years brewing experience

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