hear Super jazz down

The David Maynard. says

SAYS: get toilet paper!

15 minutes,

1st John.

Chapter 3 word of Prayer

PRAY much for us;

that He is how He helps us,

to be used for the nor o

The Lord,
In Jesus’ name be; born of God.

When you get saved you sin? yup, repent.

ahhh, the Bible says of we confess out]r sin

He is wiping away our sin:

our transgressions we battle against the flesh.

testify – testify OF what?


WE should love one another chapter 1

to from the beginning, He loved us. He

never quits; no room for the eros love.

fear thou not.

we’re worms.

for I Am with you all.

There’s respect that none really wants to earn; not this way.
Thank all veterans from the bottom of my heart and soul. too, few the population doesn’t even heed’s those who placed their life in the way of so much the tragedy they DO have absolutely no concept of; therefor they do not respect U.S. Marines, Seamen, Soldiers, Airmen, Coast Guard is there law that says all man who enjoy those freedom’s bought via some good United States Citizen laying down; in a deathly rest, to make certain all those born in a USA continue to have those right: go on to continue do things: refuse
Wounded Warrior,
go burn flags, cuss at Police,
to NOT honor Firemen, first responders:
ALL of Those Selfless Americans
who love A M E R I C A


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