listen, read along:

He hears our listening. He sees all that activity. thank Him along with U.S.

more Rave-Ups
even more Rave-Ups

daverave’s 50 now. even though this list of the music that bred my likes could be considered

all antique and stuff, but each musical artist, whether known or not, will always be our pocket

as the guts of airplay. CASE IN POINT! AIRPLAY RECORDS – Kevin Bomar’s College Station

recoring studio where the best college band contest at ANNAM TEAHOUSE was; just alongside

The Texas A&M University campus, when Lee, Dave, Read, John , Jonathan, Steve, Bill recorded

YOU NEVER TAKE ME DANCING in one weekend, September 3, 1991, but; yea, but there were a

few items not yet played out in our story at that time. life happened for each, think we are all at a

period of satisfaction personally speaking. we wish them all grace their respective current gigs…


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