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Daily Lesson

Part of giving a gift or kindness 

is to learn to accept a gift or kindness.  

Would you deny a friend the joy youhad in giving? 

It is the same with the Lord, although His gifts are much

greater than ones we can give do not hesitate to do so.  The greatest

gift you can give God is being good and helping others.

just listen if you wish

plain gold ring

do you think this fight is over?


answer: hardly

buddone corruption ?

this is BIG statement of the things that bother, don’t know about you, but they all do, to me… that cad does not need to be elevated to the leader of the world‘s oval office. consider these: NOt at this time, but i may, later question, bet he gets spanked over that one.

byden corruption!

apocalypse’s is often

misconstrued with apocalypse

buydone corruption. \o/

two; not such a great change; but

would have been different, just the same.

11:46 0f 51:27


Mildred Stinson Koehler


Mary Ensor Smith



SHSU 1991

people need to, i think, think hard about this image, understand real meaning of

promoting of stated image. I took this photograph in Huntsville, Texas at the state

original main prison, Mr. Sabattier obviously looking down in the developing-room at

SHSU presenting this honest affect pronouncing light upon our savior’s place of death.

it was very serious, to see this affect, not purposed blasphemy, a fact it’s no blasphemy,

again this is only my opinion. let it be known: this here photograph was purposeful; when

it’s after affect once viewed initial like was too pleasing to me. in the consideration of the

such a photo would would create in the public eye gazing this artistic expression; that did

cement the opinion that to the casual onlooker it seems as a rotten image that was not a

respectful of the Cross of Christ. if David Buckle feigned biased opinion that effect of an

assumption could have steered me clear of the printing. an un-interest in a photography

style could have some assume that it being blasphemous. avoiding of such controversy

is not, has never, not then, now or ever fueled my activity, this circumstance: assigned

photo assignment (received, Professor Ernest Jackson, the photography department

chair, an A+ by the way) it’s my understanding that there can be learned, that truest

personality trait each of us own, can be understood the character of a person. may

not be voiced, but is divulged to those who aim to understand some personalities.

December 2, 202o’s ‘COME THIRSTY

Does Jesus fear death? No. The giver of life would not. Should the Christian fear judgement or death? No, not at all. “(Our standing in the world is identical with Jesus Christ’s.” [I John 4:17]


The Armor of God
all of our country will get what it
deserves, will what it receives;
life has unwritten regulations.

We all have to choose, choose wisely, life or death

roe vs wade – 1973, is the government sinning forcing U.S. be vaccinated? 12/1./20 7:49.43 PM


this country deserves what it receives; life has unwritten regulations.

We all have to choose, choose wisely, life or death


biden harrU.S. abortion NOW

all are free to hear or not, we suggest you do