This is Pitch White talking to the U.S.


February 28, 2021

PATRIOTISM is ugly this time.
See this ‘r not. ‘s all up to you.

Posted on October 23, 2020

people may regard this as
foolish; may be; do you?

PRAY; not if

but when

real stuff begins
occurring; Christ

will continue to Help

His U.S.;

do please come down.

full movie: BillyJack, ]

Vietnam Vets, 

Whoever snuck that ‘s’ in fastfood

was a clever individual.

Lord, We Thank You for today.

FIGHT he that hates U.S.

Judge J


It is God’s Timepiece.

now – 216211:03.01AM

but would appreciate to know

YOUR view on the subject please.

‘life is like a camera, if it doesn’t seem

right just refocus and take another shot… ‘

thought this everyday in school.kumala is the best bullet proof vest.

that’s David Buckle’s recommendation having

just about gone through a whole roll of his film. dig?


listen to a memory, cherished one
Stand Firm, eh eh eh… Liberate St. CroiX, was…

Published by ✞ = Joy ' ' gotta get away gotta get awaya... 3:59.43 am 7121 @ 4:oo am State Farm commercial actress cute st femme seen this year! "here's some ranch..."..."..." in Austin we chill on 7th we may catch a clue what needs to be done at the post office today? it's now 2:15.07 am am June 25th, 2021 - dig - archive - archive dig it, or don't; that's what we have named pride ✞ ✞ oi! Dwell with Me, and in doing so you admit those you love to the right of entry. If their thoughts follow you as human friend, a helper, they are drawn in thought, later in love, to Me with whom you live.

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