there is ALWAYS an edit…

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last photography university assignment. was a few minutes before than class was completed

smiling for showing before the class let out; DID show; in time.


October 2nd

we saw that movie on a plane-flight; it was so bad i walked out…”

impressed,we repost: IKE ,

‘re happy to keep

doing good;



if you wish.

it is a good thing

is YOUr website ?

doing what’s done

is keeping my word; not

GETsome ticket to Heaven. none

Truth is not one deserves that free pass

no nowhat it is: decenter online activity

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Life may not come with a map, we all experience twists and turns, in that everyday challenges to traumatic events with more lasting impact, like a death a loved one, life-altering accident, or a serious illness. Each change affects people differently, bringing unique floods of thought, strong emotions, uncertainty. And so people in general adapt well over time; life-changing situations, to stressful situations part with thanks to resilience.

here’s a long blog; it may be taller than us.

do no thing: be left behind.

this intent, shared with Chip Richter in the 1st lunch @ Brazoswood High School; as him

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Mrs. Gottschalk? THIS was what we spoke
about in your office.. in 1983; but the method of
confidence wasn’t too construed; but it was in mind
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this poster was made 5.11 years after our discussion,
THIS was what i meant; by the way, the T-shirt this
may be silk-screened on mobile signage; not too
so not too many will promote for us… yo no se’.

here’s a job for any of you who pay mind to our essays, generally believe us; peace.

you know, ‘m certain there’s a ‘sniglet,’ or something that provides definition for the the act of piracy in the conceptual dimension. stealing of idea is sort of assuredly a most profitable crime. especially, the preceding word should be, OR italicized, bold or an irrefutable member of some unique class of words; big fan of Rich Hall am in one subject some may feign any title of it provided. THIS MASTER of the English Language did, to me anyhow, expose everybody to a clever charge in connection with the word.

Richard Travis Hall is an American comedian, Writer, a documentary maker; musician. First coming to prominence as a sketch comedian; in the 1980s. He wrote, performed for a range of American networks, in series such as NotNecessarilytheNews , Saturday Night Live. Wikipedia is born 1954. sixty-six, sixteen senior. Alexandria, VA  Not Necessarily the News nifty



should we go?

yea, fur on a stick

ah hah… Melbourne.


nifty idea:

The universal breath of life

It’s vapors breathed on the color spectrum

Just for an instant, revealing

Ribbons hugging the earth

Reflecting fantasia prisms,

Rising from arcadia’s springs

Materializing just long enough to be seen –

As if in seeing them, they become real.


Heavens’ glow,

Elysium’s blush,

Valhalla’s sunrise,

Paradise’s parasol,

And perhaps,

A reminder

Of what it might be like

To believe,

In magic.

David had, long ago; it is really not that lonely. keep faith directed where it should be

some may disprove of us coupling brash, at times offensive material cussing and stuff

with beautiful prose. however, rethink or not that opinion.. realize that everything is one. beauty of the coffee you just drank, to the slap some just gave you. ‘stuff’ ‘things,’ are it’s all in the plan, either accidental or not stuff happens at the precise time, precise location to costar with the movement you never see ever. those variegated actions make up the that wonderful experience we are all, each one of us are living in is saying about the breeze in Africa effecting/affecting the typhoon in the Gulf of Mexico half a world away. bringing calamity to all life, live’s in ‘it’s’ path is as factual as WE think. for Everything is connected; there’s no getting around it. that’s the law of nature.

Give your Mother a ring.

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