activity was, IS widely planned; that is: covering many more bases in a short, tiny area [the Macintosh, WAS and is a small wonder; what we are talking about: that 1984-1988 version] that even then was a truly wonderful creation. there is so much intention to reference Apple’s intention: that then hoped for brilliance has been eclipsed as of ’21 and it’s crest is still far in the future. can you imagine what the next decades will be like in relation to big steps in artificial intelligence? in the ways of proofing are still in those incessant will’s to to care for and to care about, appreciation; however unvoiced, is still that fuel that keeps David producing. for everyone who pays attention to what David is hopefully getting through, exorcise what isn’t too considered by some. since setting the trumpet ability; on a shelf for who knows how many more years the idea was long ago an intentional pallet for that was created: invisible to a naked eye till production of consideration. ideas are eased onto minds in a not so similar fashion. prose requires concentration in those varied avenues of intentioned intelligence that are only realized in quiet attention.

June 1 – GC – Confidence
Character-change comes by doing My Will
in days when you see no Vision and hear no
Voice. Never leave a path of strict observance
of all you were told to do when you saw Me and
spoke to Me on the Mount. If you do you walk into
serious danger. The dull days are your practice days.
Difficulties appear, failure seems inevitable. But all is
necessary, so that you may learn to adapt your life to the
teaching I have given you, may realize your own weakness,
develop obedience and perseverance, with no waiting for any
further instruction and inspiration. Persevere with patience.

I guide you still, for I am with you
even when you don’t realize My Presence.

More faith will come
through a confidence
rising from experience.

Jose San Martin
May 29, 9:00 PM

Daily Lesson

Don’t chase people.
Never settle for less
than you do deserve. 
Love yourself more.  
Do more things that
bring you much joy.  
Let go of grudges.  
Say “yes” to more
new things.  
Say “no” to
pleasing all.  
Forgive all now…
Amazing moment.
I once knew a person
that did so every day. 
Was amazing and at peace
always able to help others.
all can feel free to ask…
you may wish to submit a 
Daily Lesson contact me at
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that trumpet

did serve

it’s joy


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