how much i feel?

that’s how much !


Ambrosia knows, their pal is so around it’s not humorous James Ingram.

some hints : those paying attention: like, bobskaradio knows what is up.

Elvis knew !

now: June 5, 2021 5:47.42 am chill every one of you. it’s like

. \o/

music, music, baby . . .

\o/ –

we kept the tears falling to ourselves, Liz, too.

we looked at ourselves. chill cutie.

we prayed,

we won

May be an image of 2 people

August 14, 202o

MAaynard Ferguson knew !

Mike McDonald figured it out

Charity Gayle knows what ‘m

talking about

hi Gary

what’d we say in 1996 @ Saint Pete’s?

Daily Lesson:

When someone made you angry?

calmness must remain.

Some opportunities  get lost; can be trap.

Anger so fierce you want to destroy a person 

usually ends up destroying you.  The way of the

Lord is peaceunderstanding, and acceptanceand Love.

Hey Grace !

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