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may God bless every American

RIP Marine

some might believe to their heart that formality is not a required to make a fact a fact. this is so important concerning that topsy-turvy, boondoggle episodes that the de-facto President is in an ‘office’ that is not square, the remainder of usual places of integrity where U.S. problems

can be instantly ratified despite has not gone through usual, fomented procedure’s take affect.

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Alert 8/27/21 5:44.o3 pm THIS not, ‘JUST IN’

i, we are praying for these United States Citizens – the great ‘reset’ is a boondoggle method to gain socialism in guv’ment, in wazintoon, who are only playing into the communist’s hands; you think the debacle that comes to be in our war against afgun- estun is a sign? “Rumors of war…” seems to me that the stuff playing in reality ‘over there’ i hope what i describe as OUR nation’s unfolding future. Romans 12:12: Rejoice in hope and patient tribulation; continuing instant in prayer

Rejoice in hope;
patient in tribulation;
continue instantly to pray.

If you feel a lack of gratitude in your life and are afraid that may be, just
creating an inner part cut away, as is the casein honesty from our elected
“‘m able to say: it’s not my fault, we didn’t vote for buyhim now, time for all of you to
take action and learn how you can develop gratitude to live life. If you are
currently having a situation in your life, to think that it is impossible for
you to be thankful, then it’s time you learn how to cultivate gratitude.

1. Make a Gratitude List.
Make a list of five things you are grateful for right now.
You can include big things like the love of your family,
or the little things, like the person who opened a door
for you this morning. Focus on people instead of just
things. After finishing, read the list, and reflect on i,
allow yourself to feel good about the people who
share good things such as time with you.

2. Act(ion, not words) on YOUR Gratitude List.
If there is something you can do to show your appreciation
for someone on your list, call him up or send him an email.
Or return the favor by doing a similarly kind thing to another.
Getting into the habit of showing appreciation will increase
feelings of gratitude.

3. Think of gratitude Quotes.
Stick gratitude quotes up, on your computer, the fridge,
bathroom mirror—a place where you’re sure to see them.
You may feel a little corny at first, but these daily prompts
are handy gratitude cultivators. One Ann likes is, Let us rise
up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least
we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little at least we did
not get sick, and if we did get sick, at least we didn’t die, so let us
all be thankful. Another fave is from Albert Einstein: There are
only two ways to live your life. Nothing is a miracle. [idiotic]
Another way is to understand that everything is a miracle.

4. Flip Your Point of View. 
Changing how you react to “negative” situations is harder to master,
but we do have a choice in how we react to trying times in our lives.
Take a flat tire on a rainy day. Yes, you will be late (and possibly wet).
But you can also be grateful to have a car, Triple AAA, and a home to
go to. Think about those things; reflect on them. In other words, try to
take the worst part of your day, turn it into opportunities to be thankful
about what you do have. (Of course, it’s also okay to feel irritated, too.)

5. Try an Act of Service.
When you’re in a funk, do something nice for a friend or sign up to do an
act of service.  An act of good will remind us of how much we have to give,
try to have the effect of replacing the doldrums with good feelings.

6. Help children to be grateful, no matter the age.
We parents do focus on manners when our children are
little, but as they get older, we often stop. Don’t stop! Help
children to notice that good things do happen around them,
even small things.

7. Make Gratitude a Conversation Topic.
Some families may want to take five minutes, go around the
dinner table and share what each is grateful for. Others find a
spontaneous approach is more natural. The point is to actually
talk about the quality of gratitude with children.

8. Share Appreciation for No Particular Reason.
Call someone and say something like, Hey I was just thinking about
you today, and I miss you and your friendship. It feeling good: make
others feel good

9. Keep a Gratitude Journal.
This can be especially powerful when you’re going through particularly
difficult time (such as divorce or illness) that may have you feeling lower
than low. Don’t write anything negative in this journal; the point is to spend
some time each day purposefully focusing on the positive. Try keep a journal
for at least a week or two, then reread it often as you like.

10. Write a Superstar Letter.
Help your child write a letter or make a drawing for a superstar someone who did something nice that week that made them feel good. Did the grocery clerk offer up a sticker? Did a friend help her up after a playground spill? Large or small, acts of kindness deserve recognition.


August 28

“Anyone who believes in Me will do the same works

I have done, and even greater works. . . . Ask Me

for anything in My Name, and I will do it.”

As Jesus prepared to leave His disciples, He declared His

followers would perform even greater wonders than He had.

was in Heaven with the Father, interceding for His disciples.

In that kind of support, nothing would be impossible for them!

But Jesus did not stop there. He also told His disciples that

whatever they asked in His name, He would do for them – and

for us. That does not mean simply tacking His name on the end

of our prayers. It is praying in line with the will of the one who

name we use. Those prayers He will always answer.

first of three product

up to you. – Jesus Christ's

that we feel so comfortable plugging: this tint $3.oo little tub of the softest wax, not hard wax; like some might assume no, this is the best product’s ever known by me.

hair sculpting; a positive vibe of ridding the assumption of way expensive shampoos, ones who mislabel themselves to sound more clinicalAS IF !

all that slippery slimy stuff that we grew to succumb to their sticker-price’s, SOME even $8 if not morenever the excellent tonsorial artist groomed 22 years of grooming

service; well worth it gave David Buckle antique knowledge few understand itch-FREE.. POST APPLICATION that’s right-aid’sMURRY’S BEESWAX always been a 20 year blessing!

till then?

X’s for Eyes\2021/06/13\

clear as your weathered mind  . .
millions of people

Judge Janine’ll rips buyhim a new one…

Smedley Butler

At the time of his deathMajor General Smedley Darlington Butler, also known as “The Fighting Quaker”, was the most decorated Marine in US history; he was the only person to be awarded a Marine Corps Brevet Medal and a Medal of Honor for two separate military actions. He had also become an unrelenting voice against the business of war.

Raised by prominent Quaker parents, Smedley Butler defied his pacifist lineage by joining the Marines just before his 17th birthday. He served in Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico and Haiti (earning his Medals of Honor in Mexico and Haiti). Butler was known for his leadership and commitment to the welfare of the men under his command. He rose quickly through the ranks to become, at age 48, one of the youngest major generals.

Prior to World War II, Butler spoke out against what he saw as admiration for Fascism and for Italy´s leader Benito Mussolini. He was punished for telling an unfavorable story about Mussolini, avoided court-martial by accepting a reprimand. Because of his rank, he was able to write his own reprimand and never apologized to Mussolini.

Butler retired from the military in 1931. By then, he was beginning to question US involvement in foreign conflicts. He had come to believe that war–in particular WWI–was really a profitable business for the few and at the expense of thousands of lives. He thought of himself as a cog in the imperialist war machine.

In a booklet titled War is a Racket, Butler wrote, “In the World War [I] a mere handful garnered the profits of the conflict. At least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were made in the United States during the World War….How many of these war millionaires shouldered a rifle?….The general public shoulders the bill. And what is this bill? …Newly placed gravestones. Mangled bodies. Shattered minds…For a great many years, as a soldier, I had a suspicion that war was a racket; not until I retired to civil life did I fully realize it. Now that I see the international war clouds gathering, as they are today, I must face it and speak out.”

War is a Racket grew out of a series of speeches Butler gave to whatever group wanted to hear his views. Though he faced criticism, Butler was steadfast in his beliefs about war, US imperialism, and a growing Pro-Fascist movement. He spoke frankly and honestly about his experiences and opinions, and was very popular with the American public.

In 1934, Butler went before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) to expose a conspiracy against the government. He had been recruited by a group of wealthy Pro-Fascists had hoped to use him in a coup against President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He went along, gathering intelligence about the plot, and took it to Congress. Butler’s assertions were not aggressively pursued, and the matter was largely dismissed. However, an internal report to Congress from HUAC confirmed the veracity of the plot.

United States Marine Corps General,

activist, lecturer, an official and writer

two time Medal of Honor recipient,

Major General Smedley Darlington Butler,

nicknamed “Old Gimlet Eye“, was a senior United States Marine Corps

officer who fought in both the two world wars.

In War Is A RacketSmedly Butler is a free audio:

points to a variety of examples, about World War I,

where industrialists whose operations are subsidized

public funding generating substantial profit from

essentially profit from mass human suffering.

War is a Racket

by Smedley Butler and Simon Fretwell | Sold by: Services LLC   September 29, 2010 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,374 Kindle Edition$0.99 – $0.99 under a dollar

American Hero’s

God gives us all a staggering proposal: “Don’t worry about anything, “ in dig, and in

faithful and justJesuslifeto God and country (USA)


Published by be near us, U.S.

David Buckle wishes u a Merry Christmas - Peace... for communications: Just Jesus, my God We aak all: would the Holy Spirit have anointed contentious disciples? To Peter, disharmony hinders prayer. He tells husbands: “Live with your wives understand: Love her so nothing will stop your prayers” (I Peter 3:7.) & awaiting God to do His Part means us, U.S. working through conflicts, forgiving offenses, resolving disputes, resolving disputes “Always keep yourself united in the Holy Spirit, bind your-selves together in peace” He does not promise His loved followers a world of ease and pleasures. tell if there's any proof of that: Bur He did/does promise those Joys; that the world cannot either give or take away. what He does: "I promise the heart-rest found in Me alone. It does not mean that all the beauties and pleasures of the world can be renounced, but that they must be enjoyed only the treasures, and Joys of M His Kingdom have been learned, a d appreciated. Love Him. Pay the Godless podus. it's bugging w/our freedom; for what? money, money and greed, it's v p is a walking, cackling kevlar vest. And we gear she knows it; wringng her hand's planning for probable event's to become history. God help U.S. Why IS OUR U.S. Constitution Important? Published in September 14, 2016 Updated: November 18, 2019 Truely considered: July 22; 2o22 Constitution Day is September 17th! Are you going to celebrate? Before you dismiss the idea of celebrating a piece of paper that’s almost 230 years old, you might want to consider just how important it is. The U.S. Constitution is at the foundation of every single law in America. It’s at the heart of how we think, act, and govern as Americans. History of the Constitution: Once the American colonies declared their independence from Great Britain in 1776, they had to get down to the business of running their own country. The Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation in 1777, which was later ratified by the 13 original colonies. But it soon became clear that in their effort not to be dominated by a strong central government like the one ruled by King George III, they’d made their new government too weak. In 1789 a newer constitution was adopted It created a stronger centralized government that shared power among three branches: executive (President), legislative (Congress), and judicial (Supreme Court). That document remains at the bedrock of the way our entire country is run and has an impact on all of our citizens – even you. 10 [ten] ways the Constitution Affects OUR Lives: 1. We can vote in any up-coming election (if you’re 18 and registered) 2. WE can go to any church you choose. 3. WE can say (and write) whatever WE want. [ censirs go to Hell! ] 4. You can own a firearm 5. WE can either independantly or gather in groups to participate in protests. 6. OUR property can MOT be searched; without a warrant allowing proper official's to do so. 7. WE cannot be forced to testify against ourselves. 8. WE cannot be discriminated against by anyone. 9. WE ARE required to pay OUR proper income tax. 10. WE CAN inhale either smoke or alcohol. no weed, yet... dig it? Go well, Be careful.

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