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now it’s three o’clock. here’s a blog that’s several feet long.

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“If only more of today’s military personnel

If only more of today’s military personnel

would realize that they are being used by the

owner elites as publicly subsidized capitalist

goon squad.” Smedly Butler

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David Buckle
 at 11:1?
we weren’t done yet.
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Elvis Presley
X’s for Eyes
/•\ intent on it • David Buckle; a doer at
onlizinenet.wordpress.com right now /•\
<1989.24.59-1990.1.0 AD – Huntsville, Texas>
Dead Sea Scrolls in Charlotte NC Otis 2007
doer at today’s onlizinenet.wordpress.com
Even though David was a son of Him, he had yet learned rightful obedience; his calamity that was /o\ DID educate me, as a follower of Him that allegiance to me: meant no immunity from His discipline. The house of your spirit is fashioned via experienced lessons; Love, and Obedience Truth; there is a plan, and each action of yours: brick in its building. Think. A misguided act, a neglected duty, a failure to carry out any of His wishes Wishes mean not only a missing brick but a faulty edifice. How many an otherwise noble character is spoilt thus. Build now an eternity. Trust, not other men, for all are failures onto
His standard. not being a required standard; Faith. in His Son completely eradicates that law. it works, Trust
X’s for Eyes/imposter
The southern lights or aurora
Australia’s are only visible in the
southern hemisphere, the best places
to experience this phenomenon is in the
southern-most destinations of this world: New Zealand.
Sep 14, 2020
onlizinenet.wordpress.com blog for all to see. there’re not
any special formula or trick, just college guys giving a big
house that slept two member’s girlfriends… simple
Sat, Dec 19, 1:48 PM
still love ’em.
all that’s publicized,
there seems to be no end result dave digs promotion, even if said
act is but a spirit. a spirit that still resides in mine and Lee’s mind. it
is a matter of two actors finding that spark between the two that do
cement the friendship that evolves the Pizza Hut Delivery hope, that
Lake Road location in Huntsville.
“Almost gettin’ there…”REGRET?” WAS a power-driver,
if you are good at spotting the opportunity sitting right in a
centre of a problem.” – Richard Branson
Todd Rundgren knows the story, ask him, if you like.
……… http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Acts%202%3A12&version=KJV
………. https://www.last.fm/user/daverave38/library/artists lessee here, i so ramble…
………… https://wordpress.com/post/collactiona.live https-youtu-be-ll1jheleepo see?
…………. https://wordpress.com/comment/the3rdonlive.wordpress.com minutes ago ………….. https://disqus.com/by/dave_buckle ‘s sort of a newbie, every morning.
…………… been at *this since 1997, or 202o… https://youtu.be/omn2tLX5Au4
…………….. >< can any help us make? coop’s unknown Where’s Lee D.?
……………… never has anyone contacted me to help… uhhh, no foolin’
………………. https://youtu.be/xHCDzUZIbqQ #love #help #joy #@
……………….. wordpress.com/post/onlizinenet.wordpress.com/1844
………………… He made everything beautiful for its own sweet time.
…………………. he3rdonlive.wordpress.com: gig a begun in 1976.
………………….. https://the3rdonlive.wordpress.com/2019/11/18

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it is what it is, dig
.. /o\ wordpress.com/post/the3rdonlive.wordpress.com/6132
https://wordpress.com/comment/collactiona.live \o/.. //onlizinenet.blog
https://YouTub/iSkZ5MVHYRQ -…………- http://flic.kr/s/aHsjvozK6B
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David takes/took photographs to illustrate this life. there’s not many subtitles, if you get it you got me.


The Authority: provided by God



Sheep longing for a Shepard

Destroy the enemy’s plans

sptth://YouTube\b3Pwhyaskwhy?ztHQ YouTube/Xx5oDJBVeece


https full movie: BillyJack Vietnam Vets wake up you sleeple


Whoever snuck that ‘s’ in fastfood was clever.

Lord, We thank you for this day, where suggesting may go public: FIGHT he that hates U.S.

https://collactiona.live/2020/08/10/5432 War is hell, Americans: see Iraq Fatalities: 4900

Forgive U.S. that which we have done wrong; guide U.S. plz.

He is everywhere
guilty party’s ALWAYS rat on themselves youtube.com/watch?v=1I48z_2pNvg – give ’em rope…

One evening while sitting at home a had a very strong feeling that I should call an old friend that I had lost touch with. It was late in the evening and her number was in an old file at work. The feeling was so strong that I went to the office, found her number and called her. She was at the point of tears, she told me that the she was scheduled for an operation early the next day. She had to decide on one of two procedures. The safer one would mean cause a life change, the more dangerous one would allow her to lead a normal life if successful. Her family was there with her and all were urging her to have the safer procedure. She asked for my advise, I though for a while and answered that she should go with what her heart told her to do. She wanted the more dangerous procedure and after a few minutes, I told her that I had this very strong feeling that I had to talk to her that very moment and that I felt that it was so that I could support her in her choice. Had she being crying out to me, or was it a gentle touch that my help was needed. She had the more dangerous procedure, everything turned for the best.




belief is required, know someone does not know the help us in going though the world, the humankind that regards Angels as hooey. The helper has not only come to us; hopefully you will respect this is fol-

lowing His Truth. There’s no thing but joy awaiting everyone.

The Holy Spirit is working in every life; sad so few find His Love.

Some may need to have His reality come into you through tragedy.

Pray more. Hearing these words are a good beginning of a true faith.

Excuse me, PatrizeA

see you there


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1571 photographs; each story behind it, believe you me, within locale as varied as NC to TX – it could fill un book maybe one day… life was a blast; and the last scene has yet to be written.


https://onlizinenet.blog/2020/12/12/trading-boat-for-a-pulpit https://youtu.be/HF03t96QQtk httpS://youtube/hMlXW1ITjmI

we were newbies at one time

wretched + radio + wordpress

SUPPOSEDLY THIS COLLECTION OF WEBPAGES [ didn’t mean to yell, ] okay; this charade about the candidate who LOST the minute he chose such a bad vice whatever jogging mate, look, even misunderstand one’s age will so no,

see: to get hooked on the internet is easy to do. beware assuming you need any ‘kookie’ to us their sight. see, that’s a window to spam. don’t believe any who claims “we need your information to use our services.

have the understanding how to describe the chance him kicking; ‘n’ there be an ipso-facto Indian ( not American ) individual whose is a complete embarrassment to her nationality. ‘don’t worry‘ bout a thing;’ if WE will need to eat our own

words well; excuse our hope: for Him to show such Grace to His people, U.S.


NET PO is strictly squaresville… the internet is a land of ease, it has no soul. it’s just a tool that can be used to gather everything about everybody who’s a follower; hope, to steer you clear of getting stuck in a mire of webmasters

who imagine they have a clue others need or want. yup, webmasters might be masters of their crafted domain; but they are just like the rest of all. they do, and can, create a personality where goofy kids can play a game they do

want you to be a part of. part of ? refuse to become a MEMBER of any sight’s that require anyone to turn that ‘kookie switch’ [ on-off ] to the ‘accept,’ or a permission switch. ifn’ you allow, permiting kookies to invade your computer,

well… you’re in the mix of very unknowing internet club. there maybe teens who wrap there fingers together while sounding a maniacal growl knowing another character fell into their grasp. never ‘accept’ kookies. or maybe you

want to get bombarded with crappy ads for shit you’d never have or want a whatever. not all is fair on the world wide web. refuse to be tricked into the ‘club‘ of net doers that aren’t wise about where they just placed themselves.

P.S. this info’s brought to you from someone whose been down that road.

it sucks when swarmed by vain cads who may have a running list of the one’s that they had enticed; by promoting the ‘ability,’ to be on that site that you may have mistakenly surfed to. oh, and another thing: get a Mac.

a wise fellow

till then?


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