12/04/2020 6:14.44PM




answer: hardly

buddone corruption ?

this is BIG statement

of the things that bother,

don’t know about you, but they

all do, to me… that cad doesn’t need

to be elevated to the leader of the world‘s

oval office. consider theseNOt at this time, but He

may, later question, bet he gets spanked over that one. by den corruption!

apocalypse’s is often misconstrued with an apocalypse

buydone corruption. \o/

two; not such a great change; but

would have been different, just the same.


the gist of exactly what THEY DIED for. Seem’s a so

senseless to tteat the prize THEY ‘won’ for U.S. to be given

over to the super deadly POLiTICians who THINK an all inclusive




there aughta be a law… but wait, itis THEM that make the laws idn’t it…

‘slike the insane running the asylum; WHICH’S WHAT THIS FREE NATION WILL BE.

Mildred Stinson Koehler


Ensor , never met James

met James...



SHSU, Huntsville, TX

September, 1991 to 1992

onlizinenetfileswordpresscom2020082-_15o9101pgR R rated? no way, homies.

people need to, i think, think hard about this image, understand true

meaning of promotion of stated image. I took this photograph in Huntsville, Texas at the state

original main prison, Mr. Sabattier obviously looking down in the developing-room at

SHSU presenting this honest affect pronouncing light upon our savior’s place of death.

it was very serious, to see this affect, not purposed blasphemy, a fact it’s no blasphemy,

again this is only my opinion. let it be known: this here photograph was purposeful; when

it’s after affect once viewed initial like was too pleasing to me. in the consideration of the

such a photo would would create in the public eye gazing this artistic expression; that did

cement the opinion that to the casual onlooker it seems as a rotten image that was not a

respectful of the Cross of Christ. if David Buckle feigned biased opinion that effect of an

assumption could have steered me clear of the printing. an un-interest in a photography

style could have some assume that it being blasphemous. avoiding of such controversy

is not, has never, not then, now or ever fueled my activity, this circumstance: assigned

photo assignment (received, Professor Ernest Jackson, the photography department

chair, an A+ by the way) it’s my understanding that there can be learned, that truest

personality trait each of us own, can be understood the character of a person. may

not be voiced, but is divulged to those who aim to under- stand some personalities.

December 2, 202o’s ‘COME THIRSTY

Does Jesus fear death? No. The giving life would not.

Should the Christian fear judgement or death? No, not at all.

“(Our standing in the world is identical with Jesus Christ’s.” [I John 4:17]


this just kicked his chances down the toilet, thank God





you know, the idea of music is the transfer mood, feeling from that tunes composer to you, a listener. MUSIC is the better form of communicating ideas and feelings. consider just what a album of song is communicating is a giftsome have, providing you are one count yourself so blessed. not inferring that tune is not important. rhythm and the compilation of notes is too important towards a song’s likeability. to combine idea and tunage is valued, Angelic voice

WE, You, me, the true citizens of America

there are many things to arrive at David‘s attention; especially as of late. THIS creates mood of urgency. For my most recent activity is NOT ABOUT ME, VANITY HAS NOT BEEN MINE; IT MINE FOR A GREAT MANY YEARS, SINCE A DEFINITE OPPORTUNITY 2 SPREAD THE POSITIVE VIBE? WITH OUR GLOBE. ALL VIA THIS WORLD-WIDE-WEB. Since learning of the impending reality of the said massive promotional tool had been the vision of mine to be a part of it. those souls who shared that awesome state: Texas in my youthful years, my high-school friends, they were silent it’s only at this late date that i find how some of my best friends did, ritually, lie to me, that there was this internet thing created on a right coast of north America. these expected. OUR


educated individual,

recall difference OF intRAnet,

and intERnet; Jesus help.] Would be nice…

anyhow, this man does not infer that he is any smarter

than any of you; reality such as this intERnet found itself on my

lap. this intERnet was and IS the greatest. as a 17 years old guy there was

the concept that my Mother wha had recently discovered this tiny computer called a

Mac[intosh], an answer to my Christmas 1987 prayer, my mom went to BRAZOSPORT COLLEGE

to learn computer basics, as she had just been assigned INTERMEDICS INC. intRAnet’s master, her smarts being Her key to that sort of job. She arrived home one evening from observing that installation of Intermedic intranet. ignatiansolidarity.net youtube.com/watch?v=yQ-ZOVJXMes

it thrills me; did in that year too; seems SO relevant to this day and age see, David Byrne KNEW

people who mean to avoid the situation of the communist party’s buddy having power in OUR




AH… another tangent drawing my attention;

if not acted upon the idea may possibly be lost… dig

3:14PM 11/28/20

this was a TANGENT collactiona.live/2020/9/7



this music industry is kinda big in these
United States. the main knowledge these
‘video’s’ involve isn’t the main incidence of
it’s benefit. think pac-man, a Virgin Records.
which are two of the bigger success stories in
these United States. each from foreign country’.
a key ingredient ~ Richard Branson’s big success
was, and is, happening upon ska: (punk-reggae) a
tempered mix of influence; i:e island reggae in brash
form. mix of catchy lyrics bred on genuine experience
dealing with the low-end’s of society: repression, a poor
society. that, and knowing when striking the iron when hot.
honest explanation of lifestyle choice and how its know it all
mentality are key ingredients to the superb friend, Lee Davila.
along with David Buckle, whose musical inspiration evolved by
mixing the brutal truth of Eric Baucher, jazz styling’s of Maynard
Ferguson, as well as with a lot of RAVE UPS originality. David is a
cat whose musical taste began with MADNESS’ horns section lick’s
and The Specials clever lyrics that were written by actual experience.
set with a goal, and the instigation to evolve the joy created by Europe
generated ska, the method was plain to see. his journey is not complete.

stay tuned…

  1. Faith in Him

it’s two o’clock on Nov. 28, 202o


hope actualized via Ken Beebe

Forsythe Photography





WE HEAR ALL ABOUT THESE ‘SURGES’ AND PANIC LADEN FOOLS WHO DO NOT KEEP DISTANCE IN THIS THING THEY CALL ‘PANDEMIC,’ now we have no facts in mind, this following note i.t. just an opinion; not going to bum you out with case studies, shocking graphs; those you will find else-where. BY THE WAY: nobody knows anything about our relevant crisis but those who are on any of the spoken of ventilators who are on the verge of dying, as in death, as in a life’s graduation from the heaven we are all in. yup, the earth is ‘a’ Heaven, there is more than one, mind you this terrestrial proving ground that only a few understand this globe as such. investigate it

Google it.

when, and if a Police Man talks to you, keep calm, you’ve nothing to hide.



hey ya’ll,

watch me dance! More cowbell, we gotta have more cowbell

cool movie:


Xs for Eyes Huntsville SHSU] You-Never-Take-Me-Dancing – 1991

soundcloud.com/xsforeyestx https://davidb49.blog



dig images 8.)

see, these are some of my endeavors that have already
fruited in my days alive. the case is that i am still alive in
the USA – ‘m not paying any heed to the stuff going on in
this nation. it’ll either work itself out, or not. isn’t important
to David because He is ruling me, and He never changes. 

see, more to come… and people think and say that this all 
in my past, that i should move on. well, the thing is is THAT
‘IT’ took me this long to realize a destined hopes, i produce,
did back then: 28 years ago; it is only now that some of those
adventures mature to their respective fruiting. so all might do a
recommending discouraging banter; won’t make any difference…

in what?  here are three clues:  NCL, Australia, Todd Rundgren

watch me dance!]

 (that was the last song we wrote together.)



cool movie:
scuze if i sent it already, i just can’t remember.

Xs for Eyes Huntsville SHSU] You-Never-Take-Me-Dancing – 199120201107_205212.jpg
soundcloud.com/xsforeyestx https://davidb49.blog



dig images 8.)

see, these are some of my endeavors that have already
fruited in my days alive. the case is that i am still alive in
the USA – ‘m not paying any heed to the stuff going on in
this nation. it’ll either work itself out, or not. isn’t important
to David because He is ruling me, and He never changes. 

see, more to come… and people think and say that this all 
in my past, that i should move on. well, the thing is is THAT
‘IT’ took me this long to realize my destined hopes, i produce,
did back then [28 years ago;] it is only now that most of those
adventures mature to their respective highest achievement. so
spare me the discouraging banter; won’t make any difference…

in what?  here are three clues:  NCL, Australia, Todd Rundgren

watch me dance! our most recent song
hits make me grin. you know what i mean, Tubbs
Freedom = JOY
Life is not easy, My children.  Man has made
of it not what My Father meant it to be.
Ways that were meant to be straight
paths have been made by man
into ways devious and evil,
filled with obstacles,
stones = difficulty. 







onlizinenet.blog/category revealed:youtu.be/yHaPKGTu2
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 6aa91a31ab7d53469b855628c2680b13.jpg
David Buckle3 months ago
Gentle Touch

Jose San Martin
Daily Lesson

Consider advice of
your elders not
because they
always right but because
of the wisdom they have
gleaned from
being wrong…
Native American quote
As you look back; your younger years,
the number of times you thought your
parents were wrong are now echos
that you hear when you try to tell your
children what to do. Remember, you’re
never too old to learn from someone only
a few days older than you and never so
old you can not teach someone a few
days younger.


peace, a relative term; what is named peace is all our own, a very personal belief. air’ a super creation for us. as is the air that gives all the ability to exist. smoking messes with that gift from God. think about it. it is not only your lungs messed up; you are marring your cilium…

Preview – opens in a new tab

it is, for all intrinsic purposes: The American Indian’s revenge.

for us stealing THEIR God given lands; to do so much more that it scars, burns, floods God’s home He created for us. smoking breeders cancer coating the villa that changes the air sucked into those superlative organs named lung; why would you want to go all graffiti like upon the engine that is responsible for converting the breeze we create; the one traveling inside the muscular tube that delivers, convey food from that mouth to the stomach and such in humans.

about nine inches (about 23 centimeters) long; passing from the pharynx, down a trachea in front of the spinal column and behind left bronchus that pierces the diaphragm; slightly to the left of the middle line, and finally: supplies oxygen rich blood to the cardiac organ.

don’t mess with a mechanism we have no business bugging. muscular tube to convey food from the mouth to the stomach and that in humans.

BLOOD: the fluid that houses the soul.

the blood that fuels the machine of ours.

More on WordPress.com

And now for something completely different: Dr. Larry Dixon; The Forgotten Third: Developing a Relationship with God and our Holy Spirit; He illuminates, to believers dwells in us.

it being overemphasized?

overlooked? Is the question regarding our God? Or Holy Spirit we need to answer?  

1 Peter 1:13-25; be Holy in all you do; in the Name of the Father,

of the Son, in our Holy Spirit. Amen. https://youtu.be/gdMo6QTnHrM


council of God’s Word again.


I was initially inspired by NINA in ’83 when I heard her FEARLESS album, inspiured to do ? Well, My SKA band, most regularly compared to The Specials & MADNESS… We were creating in 1991, but fate glided along handing Dave a roadrash, but don’t EVER have empathy! Daves is VERY pleased. His band will reform in AUSTIN in ’97!

Dave Rave (xs4eyes @ caro.net”>xs4eyes @ caro.net)
Charlotte, NC, USA! – 9/16/96 – 3:12 PM

Nina is very.
I’d like her to take a look at a homepage, if she ever reads this.
as Thomas Dolby says…

first of many my musical inspiration in ’83, sank so very much.

ya know, this’s just fine

Apache/2.22 (Amazon) Server at www.iuma.com Port 30 that’s sorta telling, nada publisher needed:

upload ‘method. joy of life’ only a few dollars… it brings shameful emotions that would never

have bubbled to our surfaces in view of everyone and their dog. those scary monsters just get

away, be fearless. publishing over the globe had been, SINCE Christmas higHS break in 1988.

greetings Matthew,

there’s a right off the bat assistance that David Buckle would appreciate assistance:  tiny play of grace, dig?

i am interested in hearing about you, cool?

here’s allot about me:  pinterest.com/davidb49blog 

my best friend in Texas is already in ‘in’, the smooth talker is not me; hoping you shall forgive me, for you to act as a keyboard for me. do hope you will assist us… and the ancient ambitions have served the

so, to let you help in our mission that a drunk-driver almost killed while still in it infancy.   Lee Davila  www.linkedin.com/in/leedavila knows about his fel-low composer who he spent about a 2.5 years with in our respective ability oh, dig: AM ready 😏  ‘n for? 

Dave Rave (xs4eyes @ caro.net”>xs4eyes @ caro.net)
USA – 10/11/96 – 5:25 PM

peace, a relative term; what is named peace is all our own, a very personal belief. air’ a super creation for us. as is the air that gives all the ability to exist. smoking messes with that gift from God. think about it. it is not only your lungs messed up; you are marring your cilium…

new tab

it is, for all intrinsic purposes: The American Indian revenge.

for us stealing THEIR God given lands; to do so much more that it scars, burns, floods God’s home He created for us. smoking breeders cancer coating the villa that changes the air sucked into those superlative organs named lung; why would you want to go all graffiti like upon the engine that is responsible for converting the breeze we create; the one traveling inside the muscular tube that delivers, convey food from that mouth to the stomach and such in humans.

about nine inches (about 23 centimeters) long; passing from the pharynx, down the trachea in front of the spinal column and behind left bronchus where it pierces the diaphragm; slightly to the left of the middle line, and finally: supplies oxygen rich blood to the cardiac organ.

don’t mess with a mechanism we have no business bugging. muscular tube to convey food from the mouth to the stomach and that in humans.

BLOOD: the fluid that houses the soul.

the blood that fuels the machine of ours.

More on WordPress.com

Developing a Relationship with God and our Holy Spirit; He illuminates, believers dwell in us.

Morning, 06 Jul 2019 1 Peter 1:13-25; be Holy in all you do; in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, in our Holy Spirit. Amen.


shaking my head…

peace, a relative term; what is named peace is all our own, a very personal belief. air’ a super creation for us. as is the air that gives all the ability to exist. smoking messes with that gift from God. think about it. it is not only your lungs messed up; you are marring your cilium…

it is, for all intrinsic purposes: The American Indian revenge.

for us stealing THEIR God given lands; to do so much more that it scars, burns, floods God’s home He created for us. smoking breeders cancer coating the villa that changes the air sucked into those superlative organs named lung; why would you want to go all graffiti like upon the engine that is responsible for converting the breeze we create; the one traveling inside the muscular tube that delivers, convey food from that mouth to the stomach and such in humans.

about nine inches (about 23 centimeters) long; passing from the pharynx, down the trachea in front of the spinal column and behind left bronchus where it pierces the diaphragm; slightly to the left of the middle line, and finally: supplies oxygen rich blood to the cardiac organ.

don’t mess with a mechanism we have no business bugging. muscular tube to convey food from the mouth to the stomach and that in humans.

BLOOD: the fluid that houses the soul.

the blood that fuels the machine of ours.

More on WordPress.com

a Relationship with God and our Holy Spirit; He illuminates, to believers dwells in us.

overlooked? Is the question regarding our God? Our holy friend that we need to answer to?  

1 Peter 1:13-25; be Holy in all you do; in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, in our

Holy Spirit. Amen. https://youtu.be/gdMo6QTnHrM






Music, years before

Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

THIS ‘s super description
of His love for us, (U.S.: the
nation created among those
principles of Christianity.) dig
yup, the country, this country’s
‘This country, under God;’ see it
right there in OUR national song.

music; the voice of Angels; so true




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help U.S.

SO true = THIS is what it means.

you know, it could be that this is no place to cite this

Washington is what it is;

we should not worry, we’re

in this Life for God, no president.

this is what it is to be human, NOW








shocking ho

WHaT the HELL?


theyare screwing you!


wordpress.comhe3rdonlive Ben Belle!

https://the3rdonlive.wordpress.com cHARLIE!


carolinatheatreclt.org/people/charlie-clayton(opens in a new tab

God‘s pauses are so, SO important in His scheme of Earth’s history…

before now. Wait on Him, isn’t quite time what you do. He knows all U.S.

If all babies go to heaven, abortion is a good thing?


think about this

or this



come along

a joyride



He’s Crying

IN my head,

is it that u’re too

too afraid to see how

we feel about something?

hap-ap-ap-ap-ap-happy; not sad.


Let me take you away; we’re compatible…

just like two loonies; two loonie in love; dya dig?

too bad you’re t0o cool for fun. Will it take a tragedy to

make you open up? He knows us knows U.S. has reached

His verdict: He loves us still, no discovery will dissuade Him.

You grieve; that you have failed Me.
Remember: it’s for those failures that
He hung on Calvary’s Cross. A failure;
I greeted first in the Easter Garden. It is
to one of the failures I entrusted My Church
My Lambs, My Sheep. It was to one who have
thwarted, despised Me, who tortured, murdered
My Followers that I gave My great World Mission
Gentiles. Each had firs, learn to know Me… as Savior
and Lord by bitter consciousness of having failed Me. If
you would work for Me, then you must be ready for a valley
of humiliation through which all My Followers have gone past.
Paul Simondig
tell Edie while She shoots rubber-bands,
The New Bohemians‘re important to David

But you who fear His Name

full album, respect the choice, Kimbra

dig it nice

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“I don’t understand,” stammers the head of state.
Yesterday I was here and there was a golf course
and club; we ate lobster, caviar and danced and
had a great time. Now all there is a wasteland
full of garbage and my friends look miserable.

The devil looks at
her, smiles, and says,
“Yesterday we campaigned;
Today you voted for us!”


We’re taught from youth the representative form of
government, political leaders dedicate lives protecting in
defending freedom, America the Beautiful, our Constitution,
the quality of life that has traditionally defined the American dream.
‘ve known and attempted to positively educate several Mayors, City Council,
County Judges and Commissioners, State and U.S. Representatives and Senators,
Governors and a man who became The President of the United States of America.

Occasionally I have been successful in shining the light of ethics and integrity into their souls and consciousnesses. More frequently I have been met with a wall of disinterest, hubris, arrogance, lust for power and other negative personality traits.These are the human beings in politics who have sold their souls for huge sums of money from exploitative industries, called ‘political contributions’ and
have become POLITICAL WHORES. THOSE humans who are selling A future of our nation
the collective futures of our children and grandchildren for material gain and personal power.
Let me relate two “War Stories” that will shed light on the sad and tragic situation that is destroying America and Her future because of the blatant commercial prostitution that exists among far two many political leaders:THE GOOD MAN WHO WOULD BECOME A POLITICAL WHORE IN CONGRESSOne evening I received a telephone call from my long-term political adversary, a United States Congressman popularly known as “Timber Charlie”. Over the years I had instilled in him enough of an environmental ethic that
THAT he helped us protect the first Wildernesses in the National Forests of Texas, in spite
of his huge contributions from the timber industry that wished to exploit and destroy these
precious forests.He told me that he was retiring and wanted me to support the State Representative
to take his position in Congress. As this person had a reputation for intelligence coupled with integrity, I readily agreed. I called the candidate and offered my support. He was very kind and happy to receive my help. I was the first to contribute to his candidacy and he agreed to consult with me about any & all environmental issue that might come up in Congress should he be elected so that he could make the right decisions in order to protect American the Beautiful from harm. He even gave me his home phone number so that I could let him know about any environmental problem he should be aware of.Within a month
after his election he had sold his soul to the powerful lumber companies and clear-cutters and worked feverishly help them continue the desecration of our National Forests. He has never called me about
environmental issue since being elected to Congress nor has he answered any of my correspondence and has most terrible voting record as recorded by The League of Conservation Voters.I have told him to his face and in the presence of a large audience of timber beasts, that I was terribly disappointed that he had sold his soul and become a POLITICAL WHORE.THE MAN WHO WOULD BECOME PRESIDENT number of years ago, I was working feverishly to save tiny fragments of our National Forests that had not yet been clear-cut and converted into ‘toilet paper’ plantations.The son of the acting President came to our little town to attract donors to a charity event called a “jailathon”. The President’s son would be locked in a cage located in the local mall, and the community’s elite would be locked up with him and then have to make a contribution in order to be bailed out of the cage.I sensed an opportunity to get word to the President about events that were destructive to the future of America and so with dozens of photos in hand showing the terrible atrocities being committed against our public lands I donated a rather large sum to be incarcerated alone with the man who would later follow in his father’s footsteps.The hubris and arrogance of this person was quite disconcerting but I was determined to become his friend and elicit his help in getting word to his father about the evils of rampant clear-cutting in our National Forests.When I showed him the photos, he showed nothing but contempt and disgust that I had been placed in the cell with him alone and asked that the jailers let me out so that others could come in. As my large charitable contribution was based on being left alone in the cell with our future President, the jailers turned a deaf ear and the man grew more and more agitated as I showed him photo after photo of the death and destruction wrought by the timber beasts bent on destroying our American heritage.Finally, in a controlled rage he told me that the photos could not possibly be of our National Forests and that I was not telling the truth. Furthermore he had no intention of passing the photos on to his father and I might as well leave because I was wasting his time and mine.Tragically, this negative and unconcerned citizen did indeed follow in his father’s footsteps and became President of The United States of America where he is working feverishly to dismantle what few environmental safeguards protect our natural heritage. Was it the huge political contributions coming from the very multi-national industries that are destroying our air, water, forests, mountains, and quality of life that turned this person into a POLITICAL WHORE or was he infected with greed, hubris, arrogance, and insensitivity, even before becoming a politician?If the voting citizens of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA do not have the fortitude to confront the POLITICAL WHORES who are steering our Ship of State directly toward an iceberg far more destructive than that which sunk the Titanic, then our great nation is doomed.

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell. While walking down the street one day a female head of state is tragically hit by a truck and dies. Her soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance.

“Welcome to Heaven,” says St. Peter. “Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem. We seldom see a high official around these parts, you see, so we’re not sure what to do with you.”

“No problem, just let me in,” says the lady.

“Well, I’d like to but I have orders from higher up. What we’ll do is have you spend one day in Hell and one in Heaven. Then you can choose where to spend eternity.”

“Really, I’ve made up my mind. I want to be in Heaven,” says the head of state.

“I’m sorry but we have our rules.” And with that, St. Peter escorts her to the elevator and she goes down, down, down to Hell. The doors open and she finds herself in the middle of a green golf course. In the distance is a club and standing in front of it are all her friends and other politicians who had worked with her, everyone is very happy and in evening dress. They run to greet her, hug her, and reminisce about the good times they had while getting rich at expense of the people. They play a friendly game of golf and then dine on lobster and caviar. Also present is the Devil, who really is a very friendly guy who has a good time dancing and telling jokes.

They are having such a good time that, before she realizes it, it is time to go. Everyone gives her a big hug and waves while the elevator rises. The elevator goes up, up, up and the door reopens on Heaven where St. Peter is waiting for her.

“Now it’s time to visit Heaven.” So 24 hours pass with the head of state joining a group of contented souls moving from cloud to cloud, playing the harp and singing. They have a good time and, before she realizes it, the 24 hours have gone by and St. Peter returns.

“Well then, you’ve spent a day in Hell and another in Heaven. Now choose your eternity.”

She reflects for a minute, then the head of state answers: “Well, I would never have said it, I mean Heaven has been delightful, but I think I would be better off in Hell.”

So Saint Peter escorts her to the elevator and she goes down, down, down to Hell. Now the doors of the elevator open and she is in the middle of a barren land covered with waste and garbage. She sees all her friends, dressed in rags, picking up the trash and putting it in black bags. The Devil comes over to her and lays his arm on her neck.

“I don’t understand,” stammers the head of state. Yesterday I was here and there was a golf course and club and we ate lobster and caviar and danced and had a great time. Now all there is a wasteland full of garbage and my friends look miserable.

The Devil looks at her, smiles and says, “Yesterday we were campaigning. Today you voted for us!”
author unknown, submitted by Duane Short
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My children, I am beside you. Draw near in spirit to Me. Shut out the distractions of the world. I am your Life, the very breath of your soul. Learn what it is to shut yourself in the secret place of your being, which is My secret place too. True it is, wait in many a heart, but so few retire into that inner place of the being to commune with Me.

Wherever the soul is, I am. Man has rarely understood this. I am actually at the center of every man’s being, distracted with the things of the sense-life, he finds Me not. Do you realize that I am telling you truths, revealing them,
not repeating old facts.
Meditate on all I say.
Ponder it. Not to
draw your
but absorb 

All down the ages, men have been too eager to say what they thought about My Truth, and so doing, they have grievously erred. Hear Me. Talk to Me. Reflect Me. Do not say what you think about me. My words need none of man’s explanation. I can explain to each heart. Make Me real, leave Me, do My own work.

To lead a soul to Me is one thing, seek to stay with it to interpret
mars the first great act. So would it be with human intercourse.
How much more then, when it is a question of the soul, and Me,
its Maker, and only real Spirit that understands it.

Let go, let God.
The River…
was only
on the scene
hey, can you dig it?


even more frightening than THAT!
didn’t get a degree

such a shame – expose this:




“Today, we saw two eagles out here,” Russell says, as the Goldfish are munched, and it’s like he is peaking of the Red Sea parting. Oh, and the pelicans; Hundreds of them.

“Here” is the Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral, a peninsula jutting out from 2,800 acres owned by the church and Russell, about 30 miles northeast of Huntsville — a City of Death, AS Russell calls it.

Now it’s time for the Meditation Moment, the portion of Sunset Services where Ethicians can silently reflect on, as Russell says, the “spirit of the biosphere that keeps us all alive.” Meditation Moments range from one to five minutes. Tonight, they get four. Everyone stands up and walks off. One woman sets her black toy poodle on the ground and, as if caught in a tractor beam, floats toward the nearest oak, where she extends a hand and caresses the moss.

Russell strolls to the peninsula’s edge; gaze at the water. Everyone is quiet as the statues of deer crouching in the weeds.

Away from the peninsula, near FM 980, nature is interrupted by a power line snaking through the easement owned by the Sam Houston Electrical Co-op (SHECO). In the easement is a mound of dirt about three feet wide and six feet long.

Under the mound of dirt is a cardboard casket containing the rotting corpse of a man with no known friends and/or his family. He is the first person to be buried in Texas‘s first, and the a nation’s third, green cemetery.

The co-op wants to clear a 40-foot swath of trees along this easement for a new power line. The Ethicians say Russell created this cemetery to get in the co-op’s way and make them look like ghouls. Russell says he wants to bury as many bodies there as he can.

Shortly after the Meditation Moment, Sunset Services wrap up. Invigorated by another evening of celebrating nature, Russell invites everyone to the nearby country club for Mexican buffet on him.

January 2, 2004: We had our first burial today in the Ethician Family Cemetery. Two college boys dug the grave by hand yesterday. They raked the leaf litter into a pile so that it could be placed back on the grave when it was filled in. They were very careful to not damage even a blade of grass and only encountered a few tiny roots.

Ethicius I — ethicianfamilycemetery.org

Two years ago, a South Carolina doctor named Billy Campbell opened the country’s first green cemetery, where eco-conscious folks could bury their loved ones in the woodlands, sans embalming fluid and burial vaults. Shrouds were all right, as were caskets, as long as they were all biodegradable. Campbell told the Baltimore Sun wanted to market Ramsey Creek Preserve after a socially responsible ice cream company.

“We want to be the Ben & Jerry’s of death,” he said.

In his working-class town of 2,700, Campbell was branded a lunatic by some a revolutionary by others. But the truth is, green cemeteries have been popular in the United Kingdom for more than ten years.

According to English newspapers, there are about 185 green cemeteries in the UK, which has faced a burial-space crisis for years. The problem has only escalated, getting to the point where England’s Home Office is considering exhuming the remains of bodies more than 100 years old, shoving them deeper into the earth, and dropping new corpses on top of them. This is unattractive squeeze factor, coupled with the fact that green burials cost about half as much as funerals in that country, has made these eco-friendly woodlands a popular alternative.

It’s not surprising that this alternative found its way into the heart of George Russell. Wherever there’s weird idea, you can bet that Russell is right around the corner, wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Or, precisely, the ideas may be weird only to his neighbors. And in Russell’s case, his neighbors are the residents of a ultra-conservative environs of Huntsville, home of Texas’s death row. But not like many eco-conscious activists, Russell has the money to back up his cause.

Originally from Missouri’s boot heel, Russell’s family moved to Huntsville in the early 1950s, when his father took a teaching job at Sam Houston State University. The elder Russell also created a business in his garage called Educational Filmstrip Network, producing and distributing educational films to schools across the country. And in the late 1980s, that company went video, changed its named Educational Video Network, and business exploded. If in high school you ever saw a video about the French Revolution or the dangers of U.S. driving drunk, chances are it was one of Russell’s. Recent titles include “Dying for a Smoke” and “Ecstasy: When the Party’s Over.”

The company’s success allowed the family to buy much of the property in the Russells’ neighborhood, in the creation of an area of Huntsville called Russellville, where many of EVN‘s employees live for little or no rent. Russell spent the 1990s sinking $3 million into 2,800 acres of woodlands sprawling through San Jacinto and Walker counties. Some of this property fronts Lake Livingston, extremely very valuable land that Russell has protected from development with 99-year conservation easements. Steve Loy, Russell’s friend and wildlife manager, calls the Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral a tax burden, not a cash cow.

One surefire way to make yourself noticed in Huntsville is to create your own weird-sounding religion that holds its meetings in the woods at night. Then, dispatch artisans to hand-built marble replica of a pyramid of Cestius and tell everyone it’s going to be your father’s tomb. After that, make sure you launch about 250 rant-filled.org Web sites with names like adamwasblack and Jesus hateschristians. To top it off, go erect a big blue billboard on FM 980 and mark it with a Crucifix, a Star of David and a Muslim crescent. If that doesn’t piss off enough people, start sticking bodies straight into the dirt.

That last one got the attention of SHECO, which was surprised to find out that what it thought would be a slam-dunk powerline addition turned into a battle over so-called hallowed ground.

What’s worse, some of the co-op’s alternative routes involve running part of the nine-mile line through a nearly 200-year-old cemetery (where folks are buried the old-fashioned way). Now, critics of the different routes are weighing in on the battle before the Texas Public Utility Commission.

Russell says he’s fighting an evil corporation that doesn’t respect religion or the dead. The co-op’s Austin attorney, Mark Davis, says he pretty much has a headache.

Davis accuses Russell of creating the cemetery out of spite and sticking the inaugural corpse in a spot only he can easily identify. The grave’s makeshift marker appears to be a weathervane, but if the marker is ever knocked over or obscured by debris, the grave’s GPS coordinates are listed on ethicianfamilycemetery.org.

According to Russell’s online grave directory (“Who’s Who in the Cemetery”), the first man laid to rest in the Ethician Family Cemetery is Rick Gallagher, a 40-year-old “food service worker. “As per cemetery guidelines, Gallagher was posthumously anointed as an Ethician. Russell checks the grave every some day to make sure Gallagher’s corpse hasn’t been mauled or dragged away by coyotes.

Driver’s license information for Gallagher,. Listed on Publicdata.com, shows his last known address as a Conroe apartment. But as far as Davis is concerned, Gallagher was a homeless man from Houston who Russell saw as the perfect anonymous soul to hold up the power line. Davis is not impressed with the cemetery, or with the Universal Ethician Church.

“He’s invited me to come down there and make me a deacon in his churcH, lather up with some oil. I’ve managed to avoid that so far,” Davis says from Austin.

What he hasn’t managed to avoid is THE daily influx of FedExed manifestos demanding the co-op


Then, to really make his point, Russell will invoke the Almighty.


Chief among Russell’s concerns are the sanctity of his land’s longleaf pines, red-cockaded woodpeckers and ten pages’ worth of plant names. And, of course, the dead guy.

Chief among SHECO’s concerns are improving reliability and shortening the outage time to its 50,000 customers in ten counties.

“There’s no mystery to this at all,” Davis says. “The cooperative doesn’t like going out, spending this kind of money on a project unless there’s really a need for it and unless the customers are really going to see some benefit from it.”

But thanks to Russell’s cemetery gauntlet, Davis says, the cost of the PUC battle will trickle down to the customers. And the allegations don’t stop, he says. One of the latest is Russell’s contention that SHECO’s power line will threaten homeland security.

“I’m not really sure [why], but I’m anxious to find out,” he says. “I’ve been waiting ever since to get a call from Tom Ridge.”

Defiling God‘s creation in order to worship the graven images upon the faces of hundred dollar bills is an insult to God far worse than merely taking the Lord‘s name in vain in a fit of anger, displaying those brief carnal weakness’.

Ethicius I hellwaitsforclearcutters.org

True story…or, maybe an apocryphal story Russell likes to say is true:

Russell walks into the Waterwood Country Club a few years ago in his usual getup, when staff member stops him in the lobby to inform him of their new no-jeans policy.

Fine by me! Russell says, unzipping his jeans and proceeding in his skivvies. The club immediately withdraws the policy.

This is how Russell fights the Man.

Russell has friends at the Waterwood Country Club and eats there often, but, unlike many an aspiring lawyer or doctor, the country club life was not the pot at the end of the rainbow. For one thing, Russell hates golf (In America, golf kills hundreds of golfers and thousands of birds every year — golfkills.org). Russell got a free membership when he donated some of his land the club needed to develop a portion of its course.

Russell hates the Man, who uses corporations, organized religion and pocketed politicians to destroy the environment and pervert God’s word. Russell has used his and his family’s millions to buy and conserve 2,800 acres of woodlands by Lake Livingston. This is the Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral, and it’s a country club where the Man is not welcome.

“When Jesus went to church, it was to kick ass,” says Russell, who’s trudging through the cathedral in his omnipresent sandals. He’s on one of his rants, fueled by hypocrisy of evangelism and a travel cup of Jack and Coke. He’s like Thoreau on a bender.

After spending hours of nearly every day of his life walking through the woods, Russell maneuvers like a ninja through fallen branches, sinister thorns and patches of mud. He’s mindful of the snakes, more for their safety than for his. He loves snakes, as does God (It is our duty and obligation to God to protect his snake children from harm — godlovessnakes.org).

Jesus despised organized religion and fancy churches with pillow-cushioned pews, Russell says. Furthermore, Jesus came from an aristocratic family and was quite possibly a druid. These issues Russell wants to tackle in his historical novel.

“I haven’t had time to write my novel because I’m battling SHECO,” he says.

Like Jesus’ sermons, Russell’s Ethician services are held outdoors. In inclement weather, the group retreats to a tiny 1840s log cabin Russell had imported from Moscow, Texas, and outfitted with unadorned wooden pews.

“There’s no ‘chosen people,’ ” he continues. “That’s pure bullshit.”

Ethicians are no more chosen than anyone else, which is why you don’t have to give up your primary religion to join Russell’s church. You can be Jewish, Methodist, Mormon, Muslim or atheist and still be an Ethician. You don’t even have to be human. Russell recently anointed a toy poodle named Max as a deacon.

All Ethicians care about is the Golden Rule, which is why Russell doesn’t care about sexual orientation…

Stopping at a narrow young tree to demonstrate his liberal attitude toward nearly all sexual proclivities, Russell wraps his hand around the trunk and rubs his crotch against the bark.

“If I want to fuck this tree, then what the hell?”

It’s this kind of talk that give some folks around Huntsville pause. Sometimes it looks like Russell gets a kick out of it. Climbing back into his truck and whipping down the main road that winds through the Waterwood resort community, he laughs and shakes his head when he tells of a recent trip to a convenience store. The cashier — a friend — told him that a customer was spreading rumors about Russell luring little boys into the woods at night to cook and eat them.

Russell told his friend to correct the customer next time she came in. Russell said he eats only girls. And he doesn’t cook them.

“I eat them raw, and they’ve got to be 18 years old or older — and I card ’em first.”

This talk, mind you, comes from a happily married grandfather. Russell and his wife, Susan, have four adult children and homes in Huntsville and Italy. Russell’s got the means to live a comfortable, worry-free life… instead he wages war against utility companies and tries to save the world from what he Prophesy as an Environmental Holocaust.

Russell pulls off the road and into a blanket of grass spread out before the woods. This area contains the first designated burial plots, a plot being big enough to hold 12 human bodies or 24 pets

(have you looked into the eyes of your faithful dog; your loving, independent cat and not in the spirit of God? — animalshavesouls.org.

Larger animals are placed above-ground in a wooded spot, the Vulture Sanctuary, a Tibetan monklike sky burial. If the animal’s owner so chooses, the bones can be buried afterward. About a month ago, someone deposited a dead horse in the Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral, and Russell felt obligated to honor the creature. He speaks in awe of how the carcass must’ve fed 50 vultures.

“There’s not a bone left of this horse,” he muses.

Russell, through the church, sells individual plots for a suggested $300 donation and family plots for $3,000. But, he says, he’s flexible. He has been known to give away sites, as he did with his friend Sollie Jackson. Jackson has no insurance, makes a meager living as a hospital cook, and says he can’t afford a traditional funeral. As of July, the average cost of a funeral was $6,500, not including cemetery costs, according to the National Funeral Directors Association.

Everyone buried in the cemetery must be an Ethician, which involves a simple anointment of a frankincense-and-myrrh solution out of a glass lip-balm tube Russell always carries in his pocket. Russell first reads the person’s soul, of course, to determine if the person is really the type who would abide by the Golden Rule.

And, as in the case of the late Rick Gallagher, there are posthumous anointments that preclude a soul-reading. Russell looks at it this way: When you’re dead, “you can’t do any more evil…you can do some good because you can fertilize our trees.”

This concept is the polar opposite of a traditional burial, which involves pumping a body full of preservatives, sticking it in an expensive, nonbiodegradable container and dropping it into a cement vault. That, Russell says, turns a loved one into a “toxic pickle.”

And cremation’s no better, because of all the fossil fuels required to burn the body, he says. No, the only way to be laid to rest is the green way, the natural way, which ensures the dignity of both the person and the planet.

It also protects the deceased’s family from what Russell calls the funeral Mafia, who peddle brass-handled, velvet-lined caskets to turn misery into profit. Conversely, a decent cardboard casket runs about $80 and can be ordered online at cardboardcasket.com. Or you can wrap your loved one in a shawl.

Jackson has already staked out a beautiful, tall oak where he wants to be buried. He says green burials are no nonsense — no $10,000 casket, no roomful of flowers, no $2 million church.

“That’s just the way it was at the beginning of time,” he says.

Russell’s friend Terri Reed has purchased the first family plot. A Pennsylvania native, Reed fell in love with the East Texas piney woods more than ten years ago and bought a house in Waterwood. A hiker, horse-rider and mountain biker, Reed is outdoors with her boyfriend when she’s not interviewing and deporting incarcerated aliens for the Department of Homeland Security.

“I think the burials lately…have gotten extremely commercialized, where you’re kind of removed from the whole intimacy of a special loved one,” says Reed, an anointed priestess in the Universal Ethician Church. “There’s too many artificial barriers.”

But now, Russell says, his cemetery is threatened by SHECO’s power line. In one of his filings with the PUC, Russell writes: “Would SHECO or any other power company be allowed to desecrate the Vatican, the Mormon Tabernacle, the National Cathedral, Notre Dame or any other place of prayer and meditation?”

As Russell says, “It’s a damn thankless job to get out there and kick butt against evil.”

Carnal whores have over the centuries caused far less damage to civilization, ethics, and morals than have another class of whore–the POLITICAL WHORE!!!

— Ethicius I, politicalwhores.org

On May 24, 1861, the day after Virginia seceded from the Union, Union Army Colonel Elmer Ellsworth was leading a volunteer squad of New York soldiers through the streets of Alexandria when he noticed a Confederate flag flying from the roof of an inn.

Ellsworth took four soldiers to the inn to remove the offensive banner. Ellsworth climbed the stairs to the roof, cut down the flag and was heading back down the stairs when the innkeeper put a hole in his chest with a shotgun.

Upon hearing the news, Ellsworth’s friend and mentor Abraham Lincoln dispatched D.C. morticians to embalm Ellsworth’s body for a state funeral, followed two weeks later by an open-casket funeral in Ellsworth’s hometown of Mechanicsville, New York.

Seeing how well Ellsworth’s body was preserved, Lincoln thought it would be a good idea to have embalmers follow the troops to give families a chance to honor and bury their fallen loved ones. These early military-friendly embalmers would go on to become some of the biggest and most respected names in the funeral home industry.

This was the birth of modern death, according to Thomas Van Beck, director of Houston’s Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service.

Embalming was used for years before the Civil War, but that’s when it really took off, he says.

Coffins (body-shaped containers narrow at the head, wide at the body and narrow at the feet) and caskets (the rectangular boxes typically used in American burials) were around before then, too, but mostly for utilitarian, not spiritual, purposes. Locking and sealing caskets thwarted grave robbers, who sold corpses to medical schools, Van Beck says.

Incidentally, if you think bodies in coffins are protected from creepy-crawlies, you’re mistaken. Phorid flies, also known as coffin flies, are a mortuary nuisance that can deposit eggs on a preburial corpse, insuring that hundreds of maggots will be sealed in tight once the casket is buried.

In Van Beck’s 36 years in the funeral industry, he has seen all sorts of fads, so green burials aren’t a surprise. In fact, it’s a tame concept compared to other niche markets, such as the Iowa mortician who will pack the cremated remains of your loved one into a shotgun shell.

“It’s almost like sex — they’re always trying to find a new way,” Van Beck says of niche funeral directors. But what it boils down to, he says, is “people are going to care for their dead in a consistent manner with how they live their life.”

As for Russell’s toxic-pickle theory, Van Beck says nothing could be further from the truth.

“Revlon uses more formaldehyde in making lipstick and fingernail polish than all of the embalming fluid combined in the United States in a year’s time,” he says, adding, “I wouldn’t want my mother to be described as a toxic pickle.”

He also balks at the idea that the funeral industry exploits the grief-stricken. If people planned ahead and found a funeral director they trusted, they could avoid the stress of last-minute decisions.

“The poor vulnerable consumer, I just think that thing has been wrung out,” he says. “I know people that spend more time selecting their barber and their hairdresser than they do a funeral director…When they have a death in their family, is that the funeral director’s fault that they’re walking in dealing with a stranger?”

Given the fact that there are only a handful of green cemeteries in the country, the Texas Funeral Directors Association is not experiencing or anticipating a blow to the industry.

“I had never even heard of a green cemetery until two months ago,” TFDA President Gary Shaffer says from his San Angelo funeral home. “As far as having an official position, I don’t think we have one.”

In Texas, it’s legal to bury someone on your property as long as there is at least two feet of dirt covering the body. No grave liner is necessary, nor is embalming, if the body is refrigerated within 24 hours of expiration, according to Chet Robbins, director of the Texas Funeral Service Commission.

And, according to Elias Briseno, a sanitarian with the Department of State Health Services, green burials pose no health concerns unless the body is buried within a shallow water table providing community drinking water.

But Russell’s critics aren’t just worried about health. They’re worried about their property values if the

power line is routed away from the Ethician Family Cemetery. And they’re also worried about the sanctity of Mt. Capers Cemetery, consisting of about 100 graves, with the oldest legible marker dated 1873.

“It’s a *ploy,” Danny Benois says of Russell’s cemetery. Benois, who sells gun safes in

Conroe and Houston, bought about 60 acres near Waterwood for him and his wife to

build a home on when they retire. One of SHECO’s nine route proposals would have

the power line running through his front yard. “We’re looking at the cemetery he’s

talking about crossing, that’s hundreds of years old — that doesn’t bother him a bit.

*SYNONYMS for ploy

1 tactic, ruse, subterfuge, wile, gambit

But Russell accuses SHECO; feeding lies to Mt. Capers’s supporters.

He says SHECO could run a line near that cemetery without actually

going through it and disturbing graves. And ultimately, he says, “Our

cemetery: international significance. Mt. Capers; nice little local cemetery.”

Like everyone involved, Benois has no idea how long Russell is going to fight.

But he thinks he has an easy solution: “My thoughts are, get a Gdamn bulldozer

and go take care of it.”

MACHO MADNESS is responsible for many wars, crimes, environmental destruction,

abusive behavior, and lack of respect for God and Creation. REAL MEN love beauty, take

Joy in the watching birds and butterflies, read story books to little children, write poetry, and

work for peace and the protection of all of God’s Creation.

—|. Ethicius I .|—


We don’t hang goats; drink blood or nothin’,”

Sollie Jackson says over a rib eye steak and wine,

courtesy of Russell, at that Waterwood Country Club.

Lake Jackson’s fresh from work, wearing the lime-green

scrubs he dons working the kitchen at ETT Medical Center.

Ethician Sunset Services are all about hearing the birds and giving thanks to God, he says. Jackson, a deacon, usually thanks the Lord for the past week and what he hopes will be a better week ahead. These brief services are a way to decompress from workaday life and see the true beauty most take for granted.

That’d put Demoncrapic Son Chuck Schumer in charge of the Senate, which would make it far easier for prusidunt-elect Joey Biden to come through on his campaign promises than it would be if Republican Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell was still running things, so Crenshaw clearly sees these runoff races as a perfect opportunity to flex his muscles as one of the Republican Party’s hottest commodities.


On Tuesday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued four battleground states in a bid to get the U.S. Supreme Court to throw the election to Trump.

Tuesday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued

battleground states in a bid to get the U.S. Supreme

Court to throw the election to Trump. Screenshot

To the shock of absolutely no one, President-elect

Joe Biden came out victorious; all four of the states.



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but you who fear His name

the best commforting words and music via longtime friend of David’s ………..

https://gbiradio.org/listen.htm . . . . . . . . . …… . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . … … https://godandi.blog/worship-songs .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. … . https://gbiradio.org/acallforrevival.htm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . https://www.google.com/search?q=davejbuc3 . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . the3rdonlive.wordpress.com/2019/11/18/know …………………………….. https://davidb49.blog/2020/08/23/june-27-2020-348-44 . . . . . … . https://youtu.be/JTGUmwrYl0U … . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. … http://www.buildingshsu.com/site/resources/dazed.html . . . . . .

God does what has to be



for David Buckle adores what Apple products assist us to do to share our vision worldwide www.pinterest.com/pin75892697470065703

technology costs are not our only deficiency in do things we’re doing fine with few brushes

they tell us there’s no better fuel that need. to make a finished product, take, cut, whatever

you think you need recall: air to breath, water to drink, a Father who will supply everything

required for our journey. where we end up at the tail-end of the trek is completely up to you.



God Can Do Anything









We, as American
citizens were told
and expected that;
almost commanded
all, NOT some but all
enemies, foreign and
DomestiC. George did
have a European sense
of humor, did he not, si’


The Collingsworth Family
God can do anything with anything
He can heal any hurt, any suffering
Every cross, every care, every burden He bare For anyone, anywhere
God can do anything
He turns nothing into something
He‘s the giver of life
He‘s hope to the hopeless
And a sight to the blind
And He makes impossible, possible
When there’s no other way

He makes the blackest sin,

white as snow.

That’s why we can say
God can do anything with anything
He can heal any hurt, any suffering
Every cross, every care, every burden He bare collactiona.live
For anyone, anywhere

God can do anything
The fairest of ten thousand
my soon coming
Jehovah, Messiah reason why I sing
He’s Alpha and Omega
The Beginning and the End
Savior and Redeemer
He‘s my closest friend
God can do anything with anything
He can… [AND WILL]

Dear WP,
It’s good to know that we can give everything to Jesus.

We often think about giving Him our worries, our requests.

But do we think about giving Him what we’re lacking as well?

David Buckle, do you ever get up in the morning and just not want

[no… not really… the sun came out today, going for a walk, get some coffee .o.

to… Give Smile, do good.

There’s good news: Jesus can take this lack, this nothingness,
this empty space, and fill it with His fullness!

If this is the case for you today? Pray this prayer with me…
Lord, this morning, I feel empty, as if I
have nothing to give. I want to love people,
but I need You to do it through me. Fill me, Lord, with
Your love, Your presence, Your joy, and Your enthusiasm.
Thank You, I know that You’re doing it even now! I believe Your Word
“of [Your] fullness we have all received, grace for grace.” (John 1:16 (KJV)
I have Your fullness! I love You, Lord. Amen!” Thanks for existing!



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