photoshopped king?

that is okay, we’re none to say this is not natural. if it could be it just may. ‘m good.


definition God

God: The Supreme or ultimate reality: ALL COMES; AND CAME FROM HIM.

1 The Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped.

as in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism; as creator and ruler of

the universe. Christian’s teach that God created the Universe. He’s our

Supreme Leader; that Being or God, the personal form of a Ultimate

2 God:  a Being that’s worshipped and having more natural powers.

What ever we think today is the culmination of what we have been

thinking for years. Change does not come to us easily, no. it is as

as if that will change ‘US, U.S.’ It’ is what we call an exactitude.

Our being is what we are, what we think makes us. Precisely

To think bad idea creates distemper in one’s countenance.

Avoid this. To think continual happy thoughts may seem

impossible; only if we do not try to do such. Be happy.




gotta have the mic for this one…

David’s been around some 2011

But…DJBfyi the devil is defeated
Kimbra Lee knows this
she and i never talk as of late :.|


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