not one to bother with this stuff, but:

you’ll be sorry, such silly notion. political whiners are not good. greed, vanity, lust for power. kiddish desires. trimp is celebrating the FREE COUNTRY that’s going to win in the end. any group that wants to step into his shoes are no better. key to the election is PRO-LIFE, ANTI SOCIALISM, Republican higher-ups sorta floundered in not too supporting the fella who was rightly given the job, his votes are already set firm in the country. where else could a character like our Commander in Chief’s experience of ascending to the highest office,but in a FREE COUNTRY – them dums are going to spend allot; trying to present a viable alternative, they’ll not be able to. SOCIALISM WILL LOSE BIG… His behavior is no worse the past president’s only that the media has such a laser view with it’s own evolution. we can bet there is not one person is really capable of disproving the claim of it’s [media’s] ‘fake news’, welcome the one man who stands up for the military, who has improved the Veteran’s life. and the NRA. And several claim his bigotry, do you really think that a businessman in America would get anywhere with bigoted views? we think the accusers go and peer into their own mirror. Mr. Floyd, bless his heart, that was caused by ONE MAN, who was rightfully convicted and jailed; the laws made that happen. one person does not the whole nation bigoted. try to not let one rotten seed infect the fruitful nation we are very fortunate to live in, my fellow so very fortunate citizen’s of the United States. the swamp is just drying out, even dry they still have dirt on themselves. those stains will not go away… where talking forever.



Drink deeply from this truth. God is able to keep
you from falling! Does He want you living in fear?
No! Just the opposite. “The Spirit we received does
not make us slaves again to fear; it makes us children
of God. With that Spirit we cry out, ‘Father.’ And the Spirit
Himself joins with our spirits to say we are God’s children.”

(Romans 8:15-16 KJB)

you’ll wish you had, in 14 days, when covid19 death, shows up.

believe, see it; you may see


peace be still. it will be okay. bless you all.

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has America enduring gotten the end result of an ONGOING chemical warfare?
now as unfortunate as it is, where is the rumor of the terrible Floyd incident as
an only ATTENTION TAKING event to sway the USA’s fear from OUR ongoing
How do we know the tragic episode of racial tension that claimed a true
American manipulating public’s attention AWAY from the REAL THREAT that
arriving at our shore’s from an already accepted enemy of the United States?
come on, Tucker, if you’re not a talking head of some confederate think-tank.
Sam would be ashamed; of his massive thrift-store that was created to save
U.S. American‘s at the checkout line; has actuality has been turned into that

these views are respected by U.S., whose against U.S.; WHO? THE COMMUNISTS.


Paul Harvey
not a real doctor, but i’m a real worm that likes to play.

The Upper Room was occupied by 120 disciples.

Since there were about four million people in Palestine,

this means that fewer than one in 30,000 were Christians.

Yet look at the fruit of their work. Better said, now look the

fruit of God’s Spirit in them. We can only wonder what would

occur today if we, who still struggle, did what they did. “Wait on

the Lord in the right place.”
May 5, 2020
Dr. Worm