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Poll Finds More Young Americans Think Well Of Socialism, Communism

David 2 days ago

well, not going to soil this immediate mind by reading other’s additions,

youth will be the future; IF they understand that said future is their future
they might consider reality, not the boob-tube’s media folly. the effort to

change the current power that is will only arrive with inexperienced vote.

young opinions are marked with an almost deadly self opinion. think of it
from those who have been there before in a not so similar situation, but it
just doesn’t matter. socialism generates sadness, more as it morphs into
communism. socialism is communism with Christmas lights. it may seem
so innocent, presents in view, but nothing, but nothing’s free on this globe.

the piper WILL be paid. think of the things you will lose, with that free

ride they like to voice to the uninformed, are full of energy for a personal
assumed gift. that gift will cost in the future, maybe not in the short sight,
but believe it. it will come from the rear. biting every liberty and freedom you
think will last forever. hint: nothing lasts forever; barring the Word of God. dig it.

let us not remember, and spout out, history. it’s bunk, nice to recall, but not to return. DO NOW.
actions, not words…

the future is owned by the youth of America. said group of citizens be seeing all
the joys you experience now. that free ride will cost you young adults your future. Edit View in discussion Discussion on About 7 comments

God is TRULY worthy of praise!

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Gentle Touch

Jose San Martin 9:01 PM (20 minutes ago)

to HGT

Daily Lesson

Consider the advice of your elders not
because they are always right but because
of the wisdom they have gleaned from
being wrong…Native American quote

As you look back on your younger years
the number of times you thought your
parents were wrong are now echos that
you hear when you try to tell your
children what to do. Remember, you are
never too old to learn from someone even
a few days older than you and never so
old you can not teach someone a few
days younger. Edit View in discussion David 6 days ago…

worldwide posting, no cost, only encouragement would be realizing how
late it really is to NOT believe. you will not lose if “TO” is your decision……… Edit View in discussion David 7 days ago

glad to be back ya’ll!
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David 6 days ago Pending

Trump 2020 – otherwise we’re headed for socialism;
which IS communism with out Christmas decortuion Discussion on About 3 comments

Watch The Case For Christ

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Govt Health Care Is About To Implode – Brighteon

David 5 months ago

the views and the opinions expressed in DO represent

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Do you want to please God?

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Consider Yourself Dead

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If you want 9/7/19 10:00PM

reflect what is true –

shine as He does


If you want to work and they want to play, stay away

If you want good and they want bad, stay away.  If you

want a better life you; never find it by being with negative

people.   Be the you that you want to be, not you that they

are.  I know the friends do dope, but I do not.  See the kids over

there stay away; they are dopers.  I know my friends are all failing

in school, I make good grades.  Those kids over there…… stay away

they are losers.  It may not be fair; people are very quick to judge, that

is the world we live in. Want to be a success, hang out with smart people

Want to have great relationship, hang out with those that have one… if you

want a better job, be with ones that have one, may be able to help you get one.