shaking heads all around

you know, so much in wushigtun is geared FOR THOSE IN THE SWAMP

the 2012 Benghazi attack that killed 4 American

Eight years ago four Americans were killed in the Libya.

U.S. Ambassador Stevens remembered as a selfless diplomat

I am as a wonder unto many;
but thou art my strong refuge.
Psalm 18:2-8
The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.
Deuteronomy 33:27
Arms, His sheltering Arms,
expressing loving tenderness of our Father (My Heavenly Father)
who’s in Heaven.  Man, in his trouble and difficulty, needs nothing
so much as a refuge.  A place to hide in. A place where none and nothing can touch him. I am so glad He saves us sinners.
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LCpl Nicholas S. O’Brien


DON’T KNOW WHAT WE’RE GOING TO DO; God does we quit worrying about it.

Is respect that no one really

wants to earn; not in this way.

Thank all vets from the bottom

of my heart and soul. so few, the

population even heed’s those who

placed their life in the way of so much

tragedy; they have absolutely no concept

of; therefor they have no respect for Marines

SACRIFICE that ensures they remain free and alive.

Navy Seamen, Soldiers, Airmen, Coast Guard men…”

there should be a law that said every man who enjoys

those freedom bought via some Good United States

Citizen laying down; in a deathly rest, making certain

all those born in the USA continue to have those rights

to continue doing things: refusing support The Wounded Warrior Project,

burn the flag, cuss at police, do not honor Firemen,

first respond0rs, any of the few Selfless American

who demonstrate THEIR love our fine country…


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DO WE DO THIS? or is it He?

what ‘ya call that, a non sequitur? oh, Lalania; had you heard? A TALKING HEAD? dig it would you go with me?

Remember John?
we believe
96, perfect

Look to for all … Rely on Me for all.  Drop those burdens, and then, singing; for we’re free, you can go on your way rejoicing. Encumbered with them you will fall.

hands worth
Our House is clean
Christmas album ’73
never, world without end
dig them bangs


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28675, USA


they tell me that the silly advertisements that David has NOTHING to do with may be vanquished from my sight by my addition to some program, or something tuned to that; but we apologize for not taking said advice. those folk need to understand:

WE @ think God is not involved with selling any service; or product. it is our effort to keep our boots clean of monetary mud. “There ‘aint nothing for free in this world and too damn little for a buck.” any ads that we deem too ‘internet spamish’ will be

taken down as possible. we do appreciate, very much as a matter of fact, se3veral ingredients to this world wide web that we dig: the abundance of opportunity toto be spreaders of joy; our joy is YOURS no goofy stuff. at least we don’t think of items as all that goofy.

we were surfing just now, lo and behold: said Christ Centered web-sight that sells stuff; wasn’t Jesus Christ that COMMANDED His home to NOT be used to be greedy, selling stuff? God forbid. He does, too.

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O Christ
i always come back to you.
Imaginine o0

Concluding my observations and hypothesis, I would say,
we should expect every landlocked state, city and country to
the virus starting from 3rd week of Oct., especially Southern Asia.

And the countries that haven’t experienced the wrath of the virus yet
some because it hasn’t really hit those countries, and some because…
Ignorance is Bliss could be prepared: life-threatening spread of Covid-19.

Also, countries that think the’ve passed the Covid-19 phase should be prepared
for another hit soon.

Unless we don’t start paying attention to the adaptability, ways of transmission and every
other factor concerning the Covid-19 corona virus, we won’t be able to develop any vaccine
in the near or even far future to protect the mankind.

We should not expect the world to be Covid-19 free at least for another year and a half. All the countries
who believe they have avoided the Virus, and those who are now re-opening; they believe they have suffered
and made it through, should soon expect to be under the radar yet again.

But if we pursue the avenue of studying and analyzing the covid-19 strands at genetic level

in every region and accept

the fact that we will be required to develop different vaccines, different

regions, we might just avoid an extinction level event.

David’s take on the situation: “I don’t know.” Gary Jones, 1996; SPEC, 28202. That’s all

right now, it’s all i got. perhaps you?

Almighty God, You have given U.S. NEEDS grace at this time with one accord to make

our common supplication to You; You have promised through our well-beloved Son

that when two or three are gathered together in his Name you will be in the midst

of them: Fulfill now, O Lord, our desires petitions as may be best for us; grant us

in this world knowledge of Your Truth, and in the age to come Life Everlasting.


edited – by a dependent of Marine PMO, New River AirStation, Jacksonville, NC 80-83


The devoted Father’s tribute to His 21 years old son,
taken way over a decade ago in midtown Charlotte, NC.

RIP LCpl Nicholas S. O’Brian

think God

not to bring up dividing opinions; but…

Trump fiddles while people die

Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 5:56 pm

It should be clear by now that Donald Trump’s bankruptcies were due to mismanagement and incompetence; [WHO ARE YOU TO SAY, OR EVEN COMPLAIN? WERE YOU THERE?]

– not some shrewd business strategy. we don’t need no stupid, gre3edy publisher

His handling of the pandemic has been a tragic display of ineptitude and corruption.


Last Sunday, Germany – a country of 85 million had 257 new cases of COVID-19.

On the same day, Florida – with a population of 25 million – had over 15,000 new cases, of which 450 will probably be fatal.

[ARE YOU THE ONE WHO? were those friends, or family of yours? TRUER death seems bad, BUT]


not meaning to infer i know any better information, can YOU educate us with YOUr sources?

do consider this: and again, this is my opinion – the media, today, is laser focused, and very

perceptive of EVERYTHING. and all too ready to cast blame, possibly to deflect deficiencies

that if were made to see light of day might cause much, much regret… so to alleviate which

ever fault in ourselves; it’s this man’s idea: the significant disaster the dimicrats propose to

‘help U.S.‘ be saved from the fantasy had of the horrible Trump2020. check yourself at that

door of any discontent you own; this Nation needs a successful businessman wade through

the messy swamp of simple human natures that creep into U.S., via government debacles; are

still present. the swamp may (does in my way of thinking) require more than two years to come

to the surface and realize those increasing fears the AMERICAN CITIZEN paid symptoms of that

soiled character called the government of washungton. would be a good time for Him to come to

U.S., people might need to regard that chance as a sure reason to alter personality’s, for our sake.

Lord have mercy
David Buckle‎ to Thisisnotnpr August 14, 2004

Let me be the more recent reminder to solve some great mysteries, to MOST of you; here on earth. David Buckle has believed in God’s active intending in our everyday life since 1973.

Prayer is everyone’s doorway, path, avenue where you, too, will see. IF that’s in your cards. By that I mean we all have destiny’s for a sign-laden adventure we’ve named “LIFE”. Faith FEW ARE CALLED; few RSVP. dig; or not; that choice: the most important event, in this humble opinion, rethink your position about.



This is my preconceived alerting all who pay attention, everyone and their dog.



starting with their first self titled album [1988] THAT FOUR MUSICAL INSPIRATIONS 1988.

saying what’s as good as am able

how about: “you ‘aint electable, stupid head.”



We, as American
citizens were told
and expected that;
almost commanded
all, NOT some but all
enemies, foreign and
DomestiC. George did
have a European sense
of humor, did he not?

the fear of a wandering mind

by Kara Lynn

Why do we fear the wanderings of our mind? we do not

Why do we balk at the questions of our heart? questions are superb ingredient’s to growth. they do, sometimes, require other’s opinions; relish in those sort’s of quizzes – explore! %^]

As a little girl, I was full of questions. if there is a coed club, we might be charter members. JOY

What is heaven like? think satisfaction, the feeling received after a job well done; with sunlight.

What does God look like? this’s completely up to each one of us, keep seeking, you’ll see.

Why do I have so much acne? we all do; we grow out of it in time.

Who will I marry? why worry about that? you’re how old?

Is the Bible all true? it is for me, and my family.

Why do Christians think it’s wrong to curse? He has ears to hear; cheating when the teacher’s see?

What are the really bad curse words? all of them; like tiny sinning in relation to bigger, it’s still sin.


As a kid, they’re welcome. not everyone think’s that way, good that you do.

Questions are like beautiful gems that we grasp for as children. as leafs, worm, sunlight, a clue.

We want to know and learn and so we ask. “you are in the right club.”

We don’t settle for half-truths. “…”

Innocence is welcome in society. beware of advantage takers, they are quite common.

We’re new to the world so our choice of navigation isn’t laughed at. true, by those that matter.

But then you grow up and all of that changes. ‘m 50 in six, took me that long. learning all the time.

Suddenly I’m the one who is supposed to have all the answers. for who?

Innocence is mocked and even shamed. “not by those that matter.”

We’re supposed to have experience, to know. “…”

And I don’t. patience not only is a virtue, endurance is more important, sheeeit happens, deal.

My heart screams with the cry for answers , but questions now feel risky. by whose account?

Confidence in the world is a must, but a wandering soul? a ‘world’ isn’t what we want a part of.

Adults don’t question. “…” ‘ve tons of questions; those who just accept stuff, aren’t very smart.

Questions are for the ignorant, I am told. We’re supposed to follow the mold, WHOSE MOLD?

to fit in, to know and to know with confidence. was that a question? confidence in a ‘fit in’ society makes one part of whatever society they wish to conform into. be bold, be alone, don’t think you ever have to prove anything; apart from family, some teachers, band directors, God, yourself.

You are supposed to follow the pattern, to find that job with good money, to move out, to know the first and next and final steps. yes, we can live like that: the follower. that road might be good for sheeple; and that’s sufficient for themselves; don’t you want more out of the ten decades down here?

Anyone is accepted, or so I’m told. who said that? you were lied to.

Until I don’t fit your convictions, until we disagree, and then that policy doesn’t hold. ?

But guess what? oh goody.. what?

Questions = answers = 1+1 doesn’t always equal two; no sir, no sir…

Silence = the collapse of growth – “silence is golden – it’s when introverts grow better…”

Silence, it’s a little thing, and yet we don’t realize how damning it is. where’d that come from? “…”

We don’t realize how utterly and completely damning those hidden questions are that we’re too frightened to ask. ask away; or be like a turtle, recede into safety. who’s this ‘We?’

Questions are not the end, but the beginning. Questions won’t stunt my growth in adulthood

it excels me.

Questions do not mean we are lacking; but continually seeking to be stronger in our convictions then we were. now you’re getting it.

So questions, you will not be silenced. until answered…

You will be embraced. pick ones without thorns.

“i hope i didn’t bring you down…”