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Please forgive me
If I come on too strong.
I get a little anxious
When I talk about God’s Love.
Hold me back now,
Stop me if I start to preach,
’cause I don’t want to be the one
To push you out of reach.

The way to give Love
Is how you live Love;
That is what I’ll do.
You cannot fight it,
You can’t deny it.
Love will get to you.

Don’t wanna get up in your face,
Don’t wanna put the pressure on,
Don’t wanna make you run away,
Just wanna show you Love.
Don’t wanna beg you to believe,
Don’t wanna take you for a ride,
Don’t wanna sell you anything,
Just wanna show you Love,
Show you Love;
Just wanna show you Love.
Love, Love, Love.I won’t convince you
With anything…

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those of our kids fighting, still, that insane and useless war is that all our brave sons and daughters who return to our country to face the same shit those named heroes experienced, the same generational types will invade the shipyards, airport’s with thee shameful signs that explain, under their radar what OUR military is all about. defenders?what do we need from our enemy that we are currently fight for? OIL? we, U.S. do already have tons in the huge storage tanks dotting the midwest, and it seems to David Buckle that when, and if those huge tanks of AMERICAN oil runs out, (one hundred year supply i heard) and all the wind, shale stuff they continue…

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