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December 10 – The Quiet Time

There may be many times

when I reveal nothing, nothing,

give no guidance. But your path is

clear, and your task, to grow daily more

and more into the knowledge of MeThat 

this quiet time with Me will enable you to do.

I may ask you to sit silent before Me, and I may

speak no word that you could write. All the same

that waiting with Me will bring comfort and Peace.

Only friends who understand love each other can wait

silent in each other’s presence.

And it may be that I shall prove our friendship by asking you

to wait in silence while I rest with you, assured of your Love and

understanding. So wait, so love, so joy.

My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, 
my love, and come away.
Song of Solomon 2:10

December 11, 2o21 7:40 pm


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Mr. Mellow




Reads digital footsteps:

Ried said this was going to happen; maybe one day.



Austin Unicycle School: Austin Unicycle School

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Everly Brothers

RIP Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts

11 months ago

Tiger Bones 2:50

Big Yellow Taxi 6:09

Just Like This Train 10:57

Introducing the Band 11:39

Night Ride Home 15:08

The Crazy Cries of Love 19:55

Harry’s House 24:23

Black Crow 27:54

Monologue (on Hejira) 29:17

Amelia 36:04

Hejira 42:32

Monologue (on justice, Sex Kills) 44:22

Sex Kills 47:57

Magdalene Laundries 52:32

Moon at The Window 56:56

Monologue (“Good morbid Christmas songs”) 57:24

Face Lift 1:01:43

Monologue (on Why Do Fools Fall in Love) 1:02:02

Why Do Fools Fall in Love 1:04:08

Trouble Man (orig. by Marvin Gaye) 1:07:59

Comes Love (orig. by Stan H. Stept, lyrics by Lew Brown and Charles Tobias) 1:13:08

Song For Sharon ENCORE 1:21:02

Monologue Pt. 1 (on Woodstock, Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame ft. Graham Nash) 1:23:59

Monologue Pt. 2 (a Knitting story) 1:29:24

Woodstock 1:34:45 excerpt from Dreamland, while credits roll

Do you know Grace? She was at Woodstock – what about Todd?

May 31 – Prayer Without Words

Pray without ceasing.
1 Thessalonians 5:17

Lord, hear us, we pray.          

Hear and I answer.  Spend much time in prayer. 
Prayer is of many kinds, but of whatever kind, prayer
is the linking up of the soul and mind and heart to God.
So that if it is only a glance of faith, a look or word of Love,
or confidence, and no supplication is expressed, it yet follows
that supply and all necessary are secured. Because the soul, being
linked to God, united to Him, receives in and through Him all things.  And
the soul, when in human form, needs too the things belonging to its habitation.
We do, don’t we.

listen to Rand, only my suggestion, but shit if he aint right.



says: ablog\140929730595/posts/1988

two doll.ars

X’s for Eyes LlVE



you think people pay attention?

proved to be unlikely

we’re not upset @ a l l . . .

least they had the opportunity

Submit yourself to My Control,
My Kingship; then the sting is taken
out of life’s rebuffs.Welcome each contact
as of My planning. Be ready to widen your circle
of influence at My wish. Don’t let age, other limitations
daunt you. Trust Me. Can I not judge your fitness for a task
I give you? Have not I Love for your acquaintances as well as for
you? Do not question My decisions. All is planned in Love all My children.
Only self-will can hinder the carrying out of the Divinely Conceived Plan.
Work gladly, knowing all needed wisdom shall be provided, also all needed material to do My Work.


April 18, 2021 922.49 pm

a reason to smile

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would you be near me? do, cool?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4lX0jKXktY&feature=youtu.be lyk9MBY72U 0d3XbH12cs


We do, don’t we.

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His child serves Him with thanks… forever. dig: https://www.pinterest.com/davejbuc3/american-heroes/usmc

Nina Hagen spaceage lovesong


Uncategorized 12/22/2019 32 Minutes

roller skates in it for Love ‘Til Tuesday


somuch, Ninais.



x4lX0jKXktY wG5R7vyu-mA These Eyes

Thank you for downloading “Valley Before The Mount.
Midnight Special!

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YOU ARE MAGICAL 8-28In “Faith”Edit “Nina Hagen spaceage lovesong…”

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Be strong, as able, but if we’re lacking you know where to turn, limitless grace https://www.google.com/maps/place/Arcade+Mens+Room/@35.2255114,-80.8484313,901m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x8856a02ede9752a3:0x77a69fe85cd0f36f!8m2!3d35.2255114!4d-80.8462426 Daily Lesson liars lose – action, not words Life is all fun and games until you drive away the one you love. All things have a place in our lives it is just that some are more important than others. The sooner you learn the difference the happier you will be. Never forget the presence; importance of the Lord in your life. do you feel like i do? on the side of the house, just beside the living-room @ NASA Oh, Lee. THANK YOU! not to avoid giving props to my hero, in jazz, and humor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Djc6dldCk3U http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsRrg0YoEcY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUhDT70Qhhc —- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cB5Qtlu8LjQ&list=RDWE4PoPs8BmU&index=7 —– View all posts by https://youtu.be/akDCUPUgBiQPublished 12/22/2019

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December o6, 2021 12:02.57

Matthew 6:28

Today’s Prayer

 God most mighty, God most merciful, and

our stories tell us that you helped save people.

You are the fortress: may there be no more war.

You are the harvest: may there be no more hunger.

You are the light: may no one die alone or in despair.

God most majestic, God most motherly,

grant us your life, the life that flows

from your Son and his Spirit,

one God, now and forever.

       –  Gail Ramshaw

Let U.S. all wait on

God’s direction; so

what David has now

is and was envisioned

Christmas break while

a junior in high school.

feeling inadequate as a

sinner; who could never

thank Him enough for let-

ting me do good with the

talents He set in my soul to

make an impact on the world

that was, by then disregarded

our Lord it made the urge to be

helpful as possible. Jesus will be

near you, your circumstances, that

might feel as though it’s all about to

be the end of your life. but take heart.

Christ paid for all our deficits yours and

mine. He is a friend who is always calling

for you to be at El’s side. having felt unable

to share the wondrous gift that He supplied

a sinful soul. dave almost implored Him: “use

me to shed your free gift to the world.” and so

it came to pass, on mid 1992. He saved my soul

delivered my to a home state of North Carolina

for the third time in the years that was hopping

about: Hisgarden of eden. i did the best as that

was possible; but not really. i made so many mis-

takes and slept in each Sunday, avoiding that day

out of seven where the key isn’t only to personally

open the gates of heaven. one thing that has been

learned is that sheer inexhaustible power that God

has. with all the power to keep His promises to those

children on the island home; the same field of expect

for every human to dwell. within the spanned time the

opportunity to come to His side spiritually speaking the

resting place we could inhabit with the angelic fortitude

that only God could create. Love is the intention pointing

us all to come up to; each of our soul’s resting place when

our test is concluded. test? what test? the speck in time, a

period we are each supplied with to eventually find His Love

He showed us. the powerful name of Jesus, a simple alternate

to the situations we find ourselves in or at. the times where we

can be honestly worried. worry is a useless verb. He provided the

sure way to gain the crown of life. He is always with you, always in

the mood to show Himself within the personal instances of our life.

We are forever under the wings of guardians. Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

stay tuned,

Posted by

God gives us all a staggering proposal: “Don’t worry about anything,”1 Comment on stay stay tuned…

His servant onlizinenet.pictures

some might believe to their heart that formality is not a required to make a fact a fact. this is so important concerning that topsy-turvy, boondoggle episodes that the de-facto President is in an ‘office’ that is not square, the remainder of usual places of integrity where U.S. problems

can be instantly ratified despite has not gone through usual, fomented procedure’s take affect.

op post 3rdonlive reread views 332

first of three product

December o6, 2021 12:02.57

up to you. – Jesus Christ's

that we feel so comfortable plugging: this tint $3.oo little tub of the softest wax, not hard wax; like some might assume no, this is the best product’s ever known by me.

hair collactuiona.com/2020/10/02 sculpting; a positive vibe of ridding the assumption of way expensive shampoos, ones who mislabel themselves to sound more clinicalAS IF !

all that slippery slimy stuff that we grew to succumb to their sticker-price’s, SOME even $8 if not morenever the excellent tonsorial artist groomed 22 years of grooming

service; well worth it gave David Buckle antique knowledge few understand itch-FREE.. POST APPLICATION that’s right-aid’sMURRY’S BEESWAX always been a 20 year blessing!

till then?

X’s for Eyes


joey joeY…
You Never Take Me Dancing
clear as your weathered mind  . .
millions of people

Judge Janine’ll rips buyhim a new one…

Smedley Butler

At the time of his deathMajor General Smedley Darlington Butler, also known as “The Fighting Quaker”, was the most decorated Marine in US history; he was the only person to be awarded a Marine Corps Brevet Medal and a Medal of Honor for two separate military actions. He had also become an unrelenting voice against the business of war.

Raised by prominent Quaker parents, Smedley Butler defied his pacifist lineage by joining the Marines just before his 17th birthday. He served in Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico and Haiti (earning his Medals of Honor in Mexico and Haiti). Butler was known for his leadership and commitment to the welfare of the men under his command. He rose quickly through the ranks to become, at age 48, one of the youngest major generals.

Prior to World War II, Butler spoke out against what he saw as admiration for Fascism and for Italy´s leader Benito Mussolini. He was punished for telling an unfavorable story about Mussolini, avoided court-martial by accepting a reprimand. Because of his rank, he was able to write his own reprimand and never apologized to Mussolini.

Butler retired from the military in 1931. By then, he was beginning to question US involvement in foreign conflicts. He had come to believe that war–in particular WWI–was really a profitable business for the few and at the expense of thousands of lives. He thought of himself as a cog in the imperialist war machine.

In a booklet titled War is a Racket, Butler wrote, “In the World War [I] a mere handful garnered the profits of the conflict. At least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were made in the United States during the World War….How many of these war millionaires shouldered a rifle?….The general public shoulders the bill. And what is this bill? …Newly placed gravestones. Mangled bodies. Shattered minds…For a great many years, as a soldier, I had a suspicion that war was a racket; not until I retired to civil life did I fully realize it. Now that I see the international war clouds gathering, as they are today, I must face it and speak out.”

War is a Racket grew out of a series of speeches Butler gave to whatever group wanted to hear his views. Though he faced criticism, Butler was steadfast in his beliefs about war, US imperialism, and a growing Pro-Fascist movement. He spoke frankly and honestly about his experiences and opinions, and was very popular with the American public.

In 1934, Butler went before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) to expose a conspiracy against the government. He had been recruited by a group of wealthy Pro-Fascists had hoped to use him in a coup against President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He went along, gathering intelligence about the plot, and took it to Congress. Butler’s assertions were not aggressively pursued, and the matter was largely dismissed. However, an internal report to Congress from HUAC confirmed the veracity of the plot.

United States Marine Corps General,

activist, lecturer, an official and writer

two time Medal of Honor recipient,

Major General Smedley Darlington Butler,

nicknamed “Old Gimlet Eye“, was a senior United States Marine Corps

officer who fought in both the two world wars.

In War Is A RacketSmedly Butler is a free audio:

points to a variety of examples, about World War I,

where industrialists whose operations are subsidized

public funding generating substantial profit from

essentially profit from mass human suffering.

War is a Racket

by Smedley Butler and Simon Fretwell | Sold by: Amazon.com Services LLC   September 29, 2010 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,374 Kindle Edition$0.99 – $0.99 under a dollar

American Hero’s

God gives us all a staggering proposal: “Don’t worry about anything, “July 20, 2021 in dig, and in

faithful and justJesuslifeto God and country (USA)

God Calling   
June 9 An Obstacle course

But I keep under My body,
and bring it into subjection; 
lest that by any means, when
I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.
1 Corinthians 9:27
Rise above your fears and fancies
into My Joy.  It will suffice to heal all
your sores and wounds.  Forget a sense
of failure and shortcomings, all the painful
jolts and jars, and trust Me, love Me, call upon
Me.Your discipleship is an obstacle race.  “So run
that ye may obtain.”  Have not only each your hearts’
desires, but obtain Me – your souls’ Joy and Haven. What
would we think of the runner who threw himself on the ground
in despondency at his first hurdle? Over, and on and up.  I am your
Leader and your goal. 

When you feel as if there is no one to help you

when in trouble, when you feel that all the light had

gone and you are in the dark.  Remember, the sun and

the moon are all alone and they the brightest things in our

heavens in the light and the dark.  Be like them, ask God for the

strength to never give up.

Daily Life Lesson is made and original like
not clear, do feel free to ask for clarification

please contact me hisgentletouch@gmail.com


New Zealand .

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– – – – – – – – Never despair, Be a channel of helpfulness

– – – – – – – – – Feel empathy. Feel tender toward others.

– – – – – – – – – – Your lives shall not be all care. Gold doesn’t

– – – – – – – – – – – only until it is refined. hear the music

– – – – – – – – – – – – The unseen host, rejoicing at

– – – – – – – – – – – – –


if you wish

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plain gold ring



to rest is to
Greetings, Gary Jones!
Howdy, Lee Cammack!
Dave feels you.
your hints, Lee, are not unseen
recall that future band you were told about?
we did have that agreement made in a-wing
it, on my part, is for you, because I promised
we could…
TMBG’s had the skinny same year as you…
2⁰03, i think, at a college in Charlotte, NC.
not our sponser
The only Sponser that matters

Nina Hagen is still in it with us

dig yourself

Lordy, never been this homesick before Look @ the bright side; i sees The Lord You,

too cold to make it through this tempest of life, looking on the bright side…, see that cat? he is of

the conviction that his garb created when he was on his third year of university that

his own solitude that was utilized for dreaming. Jesus Christ! did you see that? it’s

not widely see or heard… the secret that arrived to this brain while we were rested;

when the are now: the state only just recalled: KY people go Kentucky! University of.

Lord please heal our land: 20th day in the Lord it did not rain. only when we went

back inside – Did you see Elvis at the theatre last week? that’s a sweet show. dig it?

it’s a call to revival. Simon casted a net into the sea. James had the brother, Jonathan…

things; there are had always been things; things. Peter saved in chapter one. he said

will say unto them: He will make you fishers of that dead sea over the. oh man; get a

government check while residing in the very complex he spied early mornings; and at

the noon hour at Tates Creek – no no… Brewster… nah – Jesus; me frayed brain;

see, i can recall the phone numbers of my extreme youth, first kisses [1975-6 KY]\

bruised brain. Lexington! ah yes – Kyle Murphy went there; ya’ know, that guy who did the

sweeping that gym amidst all us kids. i peered beyond the playground where

He polished those doorknobs. did i? hopeful Citizens, our land Call for Revival !

April 22, 2:o8.32 am



2019/03/04/couldbe !

Actions, not just words



He has not changed, The Change is in you. think over that today

September 7th is David‘s birthday

now for something

completely different

Zapata that is…
everywhere is in His presence Trust in kindness you will not regret it 23 Psalm
thE ABOVE is the image of U.S.; you and i, IF he has his way with U.S. it’s vp makes for the best bullet-proof-jacket ever, no?


look, see… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spnJ5WDgZnY …and accept death

The Longest Nonpattern Word

A longest nonpattern word ever devised utilizes 23 of the 26 letters of our alphabet: bet PUBVEXINGFJORD-SCHMALTZY, signifying as if in the manner of the extreme sentiment alism generated: some individuals by the sight: that majestic fjord, sentimentalism are those annoying to the clientele of an English inn. This word is also an example of going to the uttermost limit in the way of verbal creativeness. (Dmitri Borgmann, Language on that Vacation: An Olio of Orthographical Oddities. Scribner, 1965)

perhaps play Jazz at a soft volume, whilst blogging… just sayin’

hear him


yea… what he sa[ys/id]
some think we have nothing to teach, and what we do is not heeded; we do try.


once upon a time…

George Washington and Religion

Talk for Teachers’ Institute at Mount Vernon

July 21, 1999

“A Sly Old Fox”?

George Washington and Religion


He dwelling in the secret place of the most High 
shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
Psalm 91:1
Lord, Thou art our Refuge. Our God, in Thee do we trust. O Master, come and talk with us. All power is given unto Me. It is Mine to give, Mine to withhold, but even I have to acknowledge that I cannot withhold it from the soul that dwells near Me, because it is then not a gift, but passes insensibly from Me to My disciples.It is breathed in by the soul who lives in My Presence. Learn to shut yourself away in My Presence – and then, without speaking, you have those things you desire of Me, Strength, Power, Joy

wow, this is so profitable – this is
important, thank You for A voice.


Life may not come with any map, yet everyone will experience twists and turns.

Everyday challenges to traumatic events with more lasting impact, like the death of loved ones, a life-altering accident, that serious illness. Each change affects people differently, bringing a unique flood of thought, strong emotions and uncertainty. So people do adapt well, over time, to life-changing situations and stressful situations; thanks to resilience.

we’ were newbies once, still we put our pants one leg at a time every morning though.

“It’s alright to do things the way you want. There is no map to life, no blueprints to survival, you can create your world day by day if you have a clear vision and an unwillingness to give up. ” – John O’Callaghan

I grew up in a world where I always thought, “Well, this is what I’m supposed to do.” For me, I was supposed to go to college. I was supposed to get that job right away, because that is what I thought was normal. There is nothing wrong with this, but when I meet people who are my age and have chosen to skip out on things like that, and are still doing incredible things with their life, I feel so inspired. There truly is/was no map. Things happen ]whether they are shit or not. That’s called life,] plans fall through, we move places unexpectedly. All’s part of the game. If we have determination and goals, mindset is all it takes. Know that you achieve whatever you want to achieve, and it will happen.

David’s been at *this since 1996, or 21.14.2021

how can you help me make a great impression

never has anyone contacted me to help… no foolin’.

https://youtu.be/xHCDzUZIbqQ  #love #help #joy

God made everything beautiful for its own time; He planted

me here. #motivation 1 Kings 10:9