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May 31 – Prayer Without Words

Pray without ceasing.
1 Thessalonians 5:17

Lord, hear us, we pray.          

Hear and I answer.  Spend much time in prayer. 
Prayer is of many kinds, but of whatever kind, prayer
is the linking up of the soul and mind and heart to God.
So that if it is only a glance of faith, a look or word of Love,
or confidence, and no supplication is expressed, it yet follows
that supply and all necessary are secured. Because the soul, being
linked to God, united to Him, receives in and through Him all things.  And
the soul, when in human form, needs too the things belonging to its habitation.
We do, don’t we.

listen to Rand, only my suggestion, but shit if he aint right.

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X’s for Eyes LlVE



you think people pay attention?

proved to be unlikely

we’re not upset @ a l l . . .

least they had the opportunity

Submit yourself to My Control,
My Kingship; then the sting is taken
out of life’s rebuffs.Welcome each contact
as of My planning. Be ready to widen your circle
of influence at My wish. Don’t let age, other limitations
daunt you. Trust Me. Can I not judge your fitness for a task
I give you? Have not I Love for your acquaintances as well as for
you? Do not question My decisions. All is planned in Love all My children.
Only self-will can hinder the carrying out of the Divinely Conceived Plan.
Work gladly, knowing all needed wisdom shall be provided, also all needed material to do My Work.


April 18, 2021 922.49 pm

a reason to smile

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children! lyk9MBY72U 0d3XbH12cs

We do, don’t we.

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His child serves Him with thanks… forever. dig:

Nina Hagen spaceage lovesong


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roller skates in it for Love ‘Til Tuesday

somuch, Ninais.

x4lX0jKXktY wG5R7vyu-mA These Eyes

Thank you for downloading “Valley Before The Mount.
Midnight Special!

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Be strong, as able, but if we’re lacking you know where to turn, limitless grace,-80.8484313,901m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x8856a02ede9752a3:0x77a69fe85cd0f36f!8m2!3d35.2255114!4d-80.8462426 Daily Lesson liars lose – action, not words Life is all fun and games until you drive away the one you love. All things have a place in our lives it is just that some are more important than others. The sooner you learn the difference the happier you will be. Never forget the presence; importance of the Lord in your life. do you feel like i do? on the side of the house, just beside the living-room @ NASA Oh, Lee. THANK YOU! not to avoid giving props to my hero, in jazz, and humor: —- —– View all posts by 12/22/2019

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what do you call those plastic things at the end of shoelaces? aglets

what year were tennis balls officially changed from white to yellow? 1967 this site might not at first. chill and see it go

who can we trust .. .o. .. ‘Hey Mike !

today, hand deliver all your e-mails, only.

when were postage stamps invented? 1840

what is that, only, food that never spoils? honey

what is the second most popular feline name? patches

what is the longest recorded flight of a chicken? 13 seconds

how many bricks make up the empire state building? 10 million

what is the name of the Angel that is present while David sleeps? Lee

the last fm page i assured would be to the captain of the USS NORWAY & TODD

RUNDGREN [the same 2007] was about 950 songs of this record collection…

suspect that TR saw the list i’d done that we spoke of while he began IUMA,

me discovering Nina Hagen‘s TOTAL OBSCURITY site in the same month an internet archive of music was seen in the same virtual library that found it suitable for David to be a actually get ‘booked‘ at the downtown police station of 282o2 for accessing a playboi channel in that PUBLIC LIBRARY…  that is one dance my memory does.

2020/11/18 mucho, Todd big fat zero! \o/’s fave/bands

PHOTOGRAPHS and art stuff…


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astonished me; didn’t amaze. He does things often like this, you know what i mean. – dig

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He has not changed, The Change is in you. think over that today

September 7th is David‘s birthday

now for something

completely different

Zapata that is…
everywhere is in His presence Trust in kindness you will not regret it 23 Psalm
thE ABOVE is the image of U.S.; you and i, IF he has his way with U.S. it’s vp makes for the best bullet-proof-jacket ever, no?


is full of Love and Affection, eXISTINE; it’s for your salvation one night they came to me; PTL everyday they can also come to you. They do understand our world with compassion. the crisis finally comes to it’s end. with compassion. Good Morning America. HFK? be Fearless C.S. not Lewis this time.


Run; don’t walk, that’ll get us nowhere fast

dig Ed Gorey

December, 31 2020 AD 5:16.53PM

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“luxury of life with more of what matters.”

Ronald Banks

Bravery at rest.

Front lawn to St. Peters 1999-2017

remember that radio was gonna be tried?


Maynard Ferguson



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