So, if you desire to be used to save another, turn to your own life.
As far as you can, make it all that it should be. Let your influence
for Me extend ever further and further. Let Love be your balm for
all ills, Power in which you will break down all barriers. It stands,
too, for the Name of the God you love and serve. with His banner
floating over you, go on in glad confidence to victory. Your task: to
help, to strengthen, raise, heal. Only as you love will you do this.  

8-8-2019 11:10.348

My child, there is no arrogance in your assertion when you say,
I will not let Thee go unless Thou bless me.”
Have not I ever told you to claim big things.
In so doing you obey Me.
You do right to wrestle boldly in prayer.
There are times for demanding,
for claiming.

Now is the time to claim.

You are in no doubt about My Will.
Claim its manifestations on earth. WE WILL.

Love and care and pray
Never feel helpless to aid
those you love. I am their
help. As you obey Me and
follow My teaching in your
daily life, you will bring that
help into operation.

8-8-2019 11:10

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    When thou goest, thy steps shall not be
    straitened; and when thou runnest, thou shalt
    not stumble.

    Proverbs 4:12

    Looking back you will see that every step was planned.
    Leave all to Me. Each stone in the mosaic fits into the perfect
    pattern, designed by the Master Artist.

    It is all so wonderful!

    But the colors are of Heaven’s hues, so that your eyes could not bear
    To gaze on the whole, until you are beyond the veil.So, stone by stone, you see,
    and trust the pattern to the Designer.


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